Still trying

Every time I think I’ve fully decided that Zoey needs rehoming, my heart breaks and I can’t do it…

Today we phoned our vet to see if we could talk over the phone about our options, but our vet is off until Monday…yay, more shitty luck.

We don’t trust the other vets at our surgery, but asked to speak to another vet anyway.

The vet who spoke to us is actually temping for our vet, and she seemed really good! She listened as my partner spoke for about twenty minutes, telling her about Zoey’s past behaviour, her training and current issue.

She said Zoey does not sound anxious or panicked enough to need a strong medication prescribed. She recommended trying an over-the-counter medication (mainly Calmex or Zylkene, but also Bach and a few others).

We’re gonna try walk Zoey up the vets and pick some up today.

This is not us saying we are keeping Zoey, but this is also not us saying we are 100% rehoming her.

This is us saying that we will continue to contact rehoming centres, and ask about their procedure. But we will also carry on trying to help Zoey feel comfortable in the house, be left alone etc and show her the love we always do.

I don’t know what we’re going to do about me being ill.

ne4r567 <—- message from Rey there πŸ™‚

Oh, he was chewing on something so we swapped him…it’s a tooth!!


13 thoughts on “Still trying

    • Thanks. We’ve always put the dogs before us but unfortunately this time we’re struggling so much because we *need* to get me to appointments, but if we leave Zoey it could make her issues worse…

      • Have you any idea why Zoey’s issues have raised up a notch ?? did you get any calming meds for her ??
        Oscar has picked up on me having to work excess hours and the fact we are stressed, so he’s being rather intense which is making me stress more !!!
        I hope you can see light at the end of the tunnel soon for both you and Zoey x

      • Thank you πŸ™‚

        Zoey was literally fine in the pen until we forgot to lock it…since then she has broken out of the pen (twice) and her crate. It’s like all her past training to show her how wonderful her crate is just vanished because we accidentally left it open -__-

        We got Calmex for her (vet didn’t want to give her any prescription meds as her anxiety isn’t bad) and they don’t seem to have much of an effect yet…they obviously make her feel really weird about 20 minutes after taking them though, and she sits there looking utterly miserable!!

        Oh god I hate that vicious circle – human is stressed, dog is stressed, human becomes more stressed over anxious dog, dog picks up on this and gets worse…aaaagh!

        Kasper doesn’t seem to care much about the stress or how we are feeling, he never really has…and little Rey seems totally oblivious hahaha! But Zoey is extremely sensitive to moods and works herself up into an anxious state quickly.

        How does Oscar show his stress?

      • You back to basics on the pen training no doubt, Why oh why can’t life be simple ????
        I had a massive incident with Oscar last week, as you know he has a soft muzzle on when we set off for our walk, well off we trotted up the lane, I saw a woman & dog we have seen before, I got Oscar to sit at one side of the lane, Darcey & her owner were passing by right over the other side of the lane when Oscar just lost it, he just went for her, I couldn’t hold him, they had a tussle, Darcey was screaming, her owner was in a state, I was crying , if Oscar hadn’t been muzzled goodness only knows how it would have ended, so now I can’t walk him, as he’s proved to be way too strong for me to be in control, I have to tag along with Beloved. He’s being sooo intense, in your space all the time, stealing everything from coal to bits of yarn, ignoring commands, so just like you I’m overwhelmed, stressed, upset and the dog I know he can be has taken a hike !!! 😦

      • Yeah, we’ve kinda scrapped any form of ‘confinement’ (pen, crate etc), for now at least, and are trying to leave her loose in a room. Currently that is the bedroom.

        Today is the first time I have felt hopeful, and that we can actually get through this. I think it helps that my mood has picked up slightly over the past few days, then today we left Zoey for 40 minutes and she basically didn’t care at all…I know everything could go back to being the worst very quickly, but I am trying to enjoy this success whilst it’s happened!! I’m just trying to get a recording of her being left to work so I can upload it to YouTube and post it…

        Oh Oscar.. 😦 I understand completely. As much as we love dogs, and as much happiness and enjoyment they bring to our lives, when something goes wrong with them (be it health or behavioural issues) the amount of stress it can cause is unreal. I essentially think of my dogs as my kids, seeing as it’s highly unlikely I will have children…of course I’m gonna get stressed when my dogs are having issues, just as any parent would πŸ˜€

        I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been with Oscar and Darcey, what an absolute nightmare. And I totally understand how annoying it is not to be able to walk a dog on your own, I really do.

        The intensity you describe at home with Oscar is EXACTLY how Zoey is too…circling the room trying to find things she can pick up (it can be something that has been there for months…), clingy and climbing on your lap constantly, asking for attention, getting anxious and stressed with certain cues (atm she *hates* being asked to move or get down off something, so we’re having to back up on that…) etc.

        Kasper has been getting less walks and more time in his crate these past few weeks whilst we’ve been dealing with Zoey, so he’s obviously more energetic and needs more management. He’s been going around the room trying to get anything he can and he is more likely to resource guard anything he finds, so we’re having to pay really close attention to him…once he’s sniffed something out (there was an empty Kong on the stairs above him the other day) he will try a dozen different ways to get to it *sigh*

        I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs. It SUCKS to feel like this ❀

      • I have to believe things will get better for the both of us ..things HAVE to get better πŸ™‚ I’m trying to stress less (easier said than done) Beloved is taking a leading role in training, we are returning to basic training – again
        If its any consolation at the hairdressers yesterday there were 3 folks who were saying how their dogs are entering a strange phase of rebellious, anxious or even naughtiness, which made me feel a whole lot better LOL
        I hope everything keeps improving for you, do you think we’ll ever look back on this episode of dog ownership and wonder how come we were so stressed …I jolly well hope so !!!!!

      • I think taking a step back from it can be amazingly helpful, and sometimes you have no choice but to do so.

        For example we left Zoey in the kitchen the other day when we had power, and recorded it. It went terribly. She was stressed pretty much the entire time we were gone and barely bothered with her puzzle toys, but I just didn’t let it get to me – we might not end up keeping her, and that’s okay. She didn’t chew the house or scream; sure she was stressed, but I can keep leaving her in the bedroom in the mornings so I get to leave the house and see Rey etc etc. It’s not the end of the world.

        Haha I know with our three we will have several days where they are amazingly well behaved and wonderfully settled, then each will have a phase where they’re hyper for no reason and act like idiots…I can cope with that, it’s just when the issue has such a huge impact that I struggle!

        Kasper was an absolute nightmare when he was younger and I look back and think how the hell did we cope with that?! But we did, and he hasn’t caused us any real worries in a long time…things will get better, just gotta keep plodding, both of us πŸ˜€

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