Puppy training

Raiden is almost five and a half months old now – he’s looking big!

Well, for a small breed… 😛

I haven’t seen that much of him lately, I can’t take him for walks because I need to stay with Zoey and most times in the house he’s just sleeping haha!

However these past few days I’ve been spending a couple hours with him in the morning, whilst Kasper and Zoey are in bed 🙂

Then Rey goes for his walk and is left to nap in his crate, Kasper gets a walk and sleeps it off in his crate, and Zoey comes down and empties a puzzle feeder.

After an hour or so Kasper comes out, and sometimes the adult dogs sleep, other times they play or we do some training.

Once Raiden has been napping about two, maybe three, hours he comes out and we do some intro / training / be calm work. This is mainly between him and Zoey. Then we toilet the puppy and he goes to do a puzzle feeder.

Kasper goes into his crate, Rey gets a second walk, and Zoey gets her first. The day is a mish mash of walking this dog, training that dog and keeping them all tired, busy and happy!

Here are some photos from training Rey these past few days – we’re working on some really awesome tricks and little dude is excelling 😀

Firstly we have his cone work. Raiden will be neutered in a few months’ time, and instead of a traditional elizabethan collar we’re gonna try use an inflatable cone (comfier and not as intrusive).


We’ve been working on this sporadically for a few weeks now, and he’s doing great!


He has absolutely no issues having the cone put on / taken off, and will wear it for five minutes lounging about 🙂


As well as cone work we also started teaching Rey to ‘wave’. I’ve always loved this trick and it’s one of Zoey’s favourites 🙂

The main issue was teaching Raiden wave was that he got very over-excited, and often his right paw would raise at the same time he would wave his left (this lead into teaching him the next trick you’ll see below!)



Raiden kinda chose himself to learn this. I was waving a hand about and he would wave his paw…so I might as well get it on cue, right?!


Teaching a dog ‘wave’ is such a cute trick 🙂


So after spending a few minutes teaching wave, we moved onto teaching Raiden to beg…


The beginning

He did well, and the awesome thing is that he held the position…he would sit like this for maybe ten seconds whilst I slowly fed him treats 🙂



Again, this is way, way too cute 😉


Sometimes when you take a photo / video of your dogs whilst training, you see things you’ve missed. Usually with me these are things I’ve done wrong…in the pic below though, I see that Raiden is wonderfully happy, focused, and trying his hardest 🙂 ❤


Yesterday we began work on leg weaves.


Leg weaves are cool because they’re quite an active trick, and they both mentally and physically tire dogs. There’s also a few ways you can do them (see awesome Zoey video here)


Leg weaves are exciting!

We practiced leg weaves for a minute or two, and then started ANOTHER new trick!



Well, what is it?!

Okay, for this trick I sit with my legs in an ‘O’ shape, and I’m wanting to teach Raiden to have his paws balanced on my legs, and to hold the position.


At first I was thinking about only teaching Rey to put his front paws on my leg to begin with, then adding the back paws later…but he seemed to get it pretty quickly, so we’ll take it however he wants 😀


We spent longest on that trick, probably around three minutes. Obviously none of these tricks are ‘learned’ yet, but it shows how quickly dogs can pick things up, and how wonderful it is to teach in short bursts 🙂

Some trainers recommend only teaching one trick at a time…personally I have found that far too dull (for me and the dog!). All of my three, and other dogs I’ve trained, have NEVER had a problem getting confused when teaching more than one trick at a time.

If someone was trying to get me to do the same thing over and over and over again, my god would I be bored!

Raiden’s working on *thinks* seven tricks at the moment, and he’s having no issues at all. It keeps him on his toes, and he’s very impatient so switching it up is very helpful 😛




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