The nothing days

We haven’t been going out much at all – how can we when we can’t leave Zoey haha?

I’ve only been really leaving the house to walk Zoey, and I’ve hardly seen Raiden this past week…he still can’t be in the same room with Zoey for too long as she gets too excited and struggles to come away from him. Raiden’s better, although he too wants to PLAY!

I see Raiden a few times a day when he comes out of his crate to do socialising with Zoey. Then Zoey goes and trains with my partner, and I play and train with Raiden.

My partner’s been giving Rey extra walks and time training whilst I’m still in bed (with Kasper and Zoey!) so Raiden’s happy to spend most his time sleeping in his crate.

Zoey’s spending a lot of her time stressed at the moment, because we’re both stressed and she’s making us way more stressed with her crate training. We’re thinking about trying to doggy proof the room, and leaving her free ranging for the few minutes a day we are leaving her…


Zoey snoozing on the couch in her pen

Kasper’s his usual goofy self.


This past week we’ve been leaving the big dogs out with chew toys laying about (something we’ve never been able to do thanks to Kasper’s resource guarding), and we haven’t had any issues.


Here’s Zoey with the same antler in the same place, later on in the night, whilst Kasper lounges on the couch with a Nylabone


Today we remembered we’d booked in to have some tattoos done…we booked them in a month ago, before everything had gone to crap, so it was a shock!

We managed to still get them done by my partner going for his first, then coming back to be with Zoey, and I went for my tattoo with a friend.


Already I love this tattoo, and I wouldn’t be surprised it becomes my all-time favourite 🙂

It reads ‘Tomorrow is another day’, and is meaningful in a number of ways…it’s a quote from Gone With the Wind, which means a lot to my mum, it’s also something I’v lived by for the past decade – today gone to shit? Never mind, tomorrow is another day!

And finally it’s a quote from Five Nights At Freddy’s 4, and I love the fnaf games…I wanted a ‘normal’ font that looked like handwriting, that was simple but cute, and I wanted the quote to curve between two of my other tattoos…it kind of brings them all together, I love it.


Just me awake right now. Rey is asleep in his crate, Kasper is cuddled up with my partner as they both sleep on the couch in the (open) pen, and I’m on the armchair with Zoey curled up by my side.



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