Beautiful photos & off lead beach dog

These are the photos I promised a few days back…it was a lovely walk and I’m pleased with how some of the photos turned out 🙂

The flooded road had dried off quite a bit, the deepest parts were probably less than 6 inches deep, and if we’d needed to we could have avoided them all together…this meant we could take Zoey to the beach!


Zoey actually chose to wade through several deep sections of water (see video below) which was very surprising as she’s not a water dog at all…she might have come a long way since demanding to be carried over puddles as a puppy, but she still hates the rain and never swims!

It was dusk as we headed out (which is morning for me, yay messed up sleep…) which meant I got to take lots of photos in the dying light – I LOVE taking silhouette photos 🙂


These crows all live on the nearby mountain, and when they fly overhead it’s a really impressive sight and SO NOISY!!


The sky was absolutely fantastic; sunsets are so beautiful they make my heart hurt, and some of these pics actually managed to capture the colours…normally they seem faded or washed out.


Of course some of the photos didn’t turn out as I’d hoped…I tried to get a photo of Zoey standing in a shallow puddle, above her reflection. Instead I ended up with these!




This one’s not too bad

I really like this next photo, it makes me happy when I manage to get a nice photo of my partner and one of the pups!


A lucky photo – managed to get a robin in flight!


One last sunset photo, I promise this is the last 😛


And photos of Zoey, who was amazing for her first ever off lead walk at the beach 🙂


She didn’t run too far away, she came every time we called, she checked back in with us often and she even came to us then offered sits!

When we spotted sheep in the next field (some 100ft away) we popped her back on her longline and enjoyed the rest of our walk like that…it was wonderful, and I’m excited to explore new places with her off lead 🙂


So now two of our dogs are walked off lead, at least some of the time…sorry Kasper, you are just too much of an idiot to go off lead unless it’s somewhere REALLY secure 😛

ETA – left Zoey alone for 3 minutes and 45 seconds today with no issues at all. Now she’s locked in her pen fast asleep on the couch, whilst we settle in the same room as her. Yay progress!


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