New harness and flood fun for puppy!

At the beginning of the week we ordered Raiden a new EzyDog Quick Fit harness, and it arrived yesterday – yay!

The harness is actually the same size as the one he was already wearing, but technically that was Zoey’s harness, as it is the one she wore as a puppy…so now he has his own 😀

We meant to order the orange one, but either we ordered the wrong colour or the seller messed up – whatever happened we got a red one, and he looks ADORABLE in it!


I don’t know who’s cuter…

On Raiden’s walk we went to go down our usual road and discovered it was completely flooded!!


It was really bizarre as the rain had actually eased off a little in the past 24 hours, and we’d been on this road just the day before and there’d barely even been any puddles!


The water stretched at least 50ft and got pretty damn deep in places.

The sheer amount of rain has also caused water to gush up from drains like fountains, and Raiden thought this was THE BEST THING EVER 😉


We carried Raiden through the flood then continued on our walk. On our way home, as we were crossing the gigantic ‘puddle’, a tractor AND a Landrover sloshed through the water, causing us to scurry up a bank to avoid the waves splashing over our wellies!

You can see the flooding wonderfully towards the end of this video, and the rest is just Raiden enjoying the fountains / his walk…also check out his prefect walking on lead about 1 minute 30 in, he’s so different to Zoey at that age! 😀

I’m ill at the moment, my head’s still not great and I have a terrible cold, so I’ve been bundled up in the house all day moaning about various aches and pains.

This evening we nipped outside to meet our friend with Raiden (huge thanks to the absolute moron who left several halves of an onion in the car park behind our house, which our 5 months old puppy found – onions just happen to be toxic to dogs, you arse) then me and my partner went to check out the flooding.

It’s still there!


It wasn’t any deeper / longer, but it certainly hadn’t drained away at all, and the manholes are still pumping out water!


The deepest part came right up to the top of my wellies!

We had such a lovely time wading through this dark country lane, surrounded by water, just the two of us!

When we walked under the bridge, the reflection of the distant street lamps made the roof glitter like fairy lights. I said it was like our very own tunnel of love 🙂


Sorry everyone, I got some BAD NEWS…this road is seriously flooded!


8 thoughts on “New harness and flood fun for puppy!

    • The flooding really was quite impressive. From one end there was no ‘warning flood’ or ‘road closed’ signs, so we saw a dozen people have to turn around or attempt to drive through and THEN have to turn around!

      Yeah, Raiden loved it…might have to buy a hose for the outdoor tap so he can chase the water jets 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m really happy the red harness arrived, I don’t think he’d look nearly as cute in orange!

      The flooding has gone down quite a bit (it’s only about 8 inches deep at the deepest bits now!); Zoey surprised us by wading through it with no issues at all – she actually seemed to enjoy it! She used to refuse to walk through mud when she was a tiny puppy, and we had to carry her over puddles XD

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