Monkey see monkey do!

Zoey was mooching around the living room the other night whilst Kasper was sat staring into the kitchen, watching what my partner was up to.

Once she noticed Kasper was sat facing the kitchen Zoey joined in, glancing at her brother to make sure she was doing it right. After a few seconds Kasper lay down and, sure enough, Zoey lay down and rested her chin on the floor just so, mirroring him 🙂


This is exactly how I imagine human siblings to be – younger copying the older? Not that I’d know, seeing as I don’t have any brothers or sisters 😛

Today it’s still raining, but it wasn’t so heavy as yesterday.

We have had weather warnings the past three days, and tomorrow has an amber warning too. I know in Yorkshire there’s severe flooding where we used to live, but it hasn’t been so bad here…although when we went for a ride with our friend last night, driving was treacherous due to large and very deep puddles on the roads.

Zoey was sick this morning so we didn’t want to keep her out in the rain (where she’d be miserable) too long.

Instead we took her to the field and let her amble about off lead for a while, so she could set her own pace. She had a fun time, she does better in the rain off lead.

I love this photo ❤


We found her an empty plastic bottle to play with


Spot the Staffy!!


So it was nice to see her having fun and witnessing her awesome recall. She also did really well at leaving her ‘toy’ (the plastic bottle) without being asked.

See Zoey has a really hard time dropping ‘exciting’ things around people – even us! – unless we ask her to.

If we ask her to “drop it”, she will…but if we don’t ask her and just drop treats on the floor, usually she will snub them. She was racing round the hall last week with me, my partner and a friend, and she was thirsty but didn’t trust us enough to drop the toy she was carrying and get a drink!!

Today on the field she dropped the bottle for treats no problem, and a few times she even willingly dropped it then came to me and asked for a treat. Bless her. (Please ignore the things I yell at her…I call our pups stinky, mutt, pest etc automatically, it has no reflection on what I think of them!!)

We were only out half an hour, but after running off lead for twenty minutes she’s curled on my lap under a blanket sleeping now, both of us crammed into the armchair ❤


There’s nothing cuter than a Zoey under a blanket. This is the reason I call her my little ‘blanketbug’ 😉


Finally I stumbled across a website that ”reveals secrets about your dog’s personalty based on how they sleep.” Here’s what our pups got:

The Crazy Legs – this apparently means that Kasper is very confident, he is secure with himself, very laid back and has an independent streak.

The truth – Kasper could not be a less confident dog. He constantly feels the need to be on high alert, and he’d be quick to tell people / other dogs to back off (eg. if he had a toy) if we didn’t manage him. Zoey only has to look at him when he is chewing a Nylabone and Kasper’s body stiffens. He is the opposite of laid back! Having said that he knows what he wants and he is very happy and comfortable with the people he trusts, and yes, he does have an independent streak 😉

The Snuggly Fox – Dogs who sleep in this position are gentle, easy-going, and have a naturally sweet disposition.

The truth – pretty much spot on! She is gentle and she certainly has a sweet disposition. Is she easy going? I dunno. She takes some things in her stride, but other things can make her anxious…she still despises having her harness put on, for example, and any new person she is allowed to meet gets her insanely excited.

The Side Sleeper – this means Raiden is incredibly comfortable with his surroundings, he’s secure with himself, and he’s in no way high-maintenance. He may be guarded and alert when awake, but feels blessed to be in our home and company, and has an enormous sense of trust in me. He is happy-go-lucky and fiercely loyal.

The truth – Raiden is comfortable pretty much anywhere, and is a confident and happy-go-lucky pup, can’t deny that. He’s good with virtually everything we throw at him, and he is trusting. He’s not guarded or particularly alert when awake, and I have no idea if he’s loyal!

So tell me – what are your pups? 😀


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