And then the rain came down

Most people I know were happy when the painfully long, dry and overly warm summer continued into Autumn.

We weren’t.

None of us do well in hot weather, and as we do so much walking we just…sort of melt XD

October was inexplicably warm and even the start of November was too hot for us. And then, just as I’d predicted, the heat disappeared, the sun vanished and here came the continuous rain!

What about the beautifully chilly and frosty autumn days, why can’t we have some of those? I like those…but nope, we just get rain 😦

Up until he was 4 months old Raiden had barely seen rain. Yes, it has been that dry since August! Thankfully he isn’t like Zoey, who cowers and is utterly miserable when the sky cries. In fact Rey doesn’t seem to mind at all – phew!

However the rain makes all the dog walks miserable, and it makes walking Zoey impossible. For the past few days she has been lucky to get one decent sized walk a day, never mind two.

Today it was sunny, so we walked the pups then headed into town…me in a (most certainly not waterproof) hoodie, and my partner in a t-shirt – HA!

As we boarded the train into town the drizzle started, when we got off the train it was raining steadily, and then the entire time we were there it was bouncing it down. We were soaked >__<

It doesn’t look like this weather’s about to bugger off either…look at the forecast for this week and the weather warnings!


51mph winds!

We did grab a few bargains whilst out though.

Raiden now has two coats (one waterproof and one lightweight) so we can get him used to wearing them, and we picked up a small dog agility set for £10! Someone bought it online ‘by accident’ (?) and was selling it brand new – fine by me 😀


Raiden has been the only one to see it so far as I’m too knackered to do anything with anyone…


We used shaping to get him going in the tunnel. First I click & treated him for looking at it, stepping towards it, sticking his head in, putting a paw in etc. He was racing through it in no time!


Next I held up the hoop and encouraged him to go through. We started with it touching the ground, and after maybe twenty seconds work it was raised a few inches off the ground and Rey was springing through it…don’t want him doing too much jumping at 4 months old!!


After introducing him to some of the agility equipment it was time to see if his coat/s fitted. I grabbed whichever one was nearest, which happened to be the waterproof. £12.99 and oh so cute!


He barely noticed us putting it on him, and had no issues walking around in it.


Or jumping onto the couch!


We left the neck hole as big as possible, so Raiden could slip his head through instead of us fastening it around him, that way it was most similar to his EzyDog harness.


He’d better not grow anymore, the coat’s the perfect length for him right now!


He looked like an adorable kid on the first day of school, wearing clothes his mum wants him to ‘grow into’ XD


I should go to bed, it’s after 3.30am…my body’s so damn nocturnal.


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