Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Treat Bag Review!

So thanks to Bonnie’s owner, who posts wishlists on her blog that you can find here (and which I highly recommend!), I came across the Doggone Rapid Rewards treat bag…and obviously I had to buy it because it looked awesome 😀

I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and I love it!


As you can see I chose orange, but something I love about this treat bag is that it comes in a variety of awesomely bright colours, which I appreciate 😀

To say the bag isn’t particularly large (it can easily and comfortably be worn on the belt loop, around your waist) you can fit A LOT in it, and there are plenty of pockets. It took me a week or so of swapping bits and bobs about until I found a place for everything.

The bag has one large main pocket (the main treat pouch), and a smaller pouch inside the main one that fastens with velcro. The largest pocket can hold so many treats!!

And even the smaller velcro pocket can hold several handfuls of smaller treats…there’s a large handful of cat treats in it here:



It’s a deep pocket too!

To the front of the bag there is a small-medium sized pocket that fastens with velcro, where I put the keys. There are two small pockets on either side of the bag; in one I carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser, and the other (which has a hole in the bottom that poo bags can be pulled through) obviously holds my poo bags!


There are two plastic loops above the side pockets to fasten ‘bits’ to; thanks to cable ties I have a large torch on one side and an emergency mini-torch / ‘where’s the poo hiding?!’ torch on the other 😀


To the rear of the bag there is a fairly large pocket that closes with a zip, and I actually keep loads of spare poo bags in there haha…it’s useful to be able to top up the side poo bag pocket when I find it empty on a walk.


All those poo bags easily fit into the rear pocket 🙂


And I have a spare clicker attached to the zip of that pocket, too!

So as you can see it’s a really nifty and well thought out dog walking bag:

The good

–> It’s really nice to look at, it’s not overly expensive and comes in a variety of colours

–> Someone has put a lot of thought into the bag, as although there are plenty of pockets they do not take away from the size of the main treat pocket, and the bag isn’t overly large

–> The bag seems to be durable and well made, and we have had no issues with it so far

–> It comes with a waist belt (I think we paid a little extra for it) which is easily adjustable and which I prefer than to hooking the bag directly onto my jeans

The bad (these are minor complaints!)

–> The magnetic mechanism that holds the treat pouch closed isn’t the strongest; whilst this is good as it means you can open and grab treats singlehandedly in an emergency, it’s not ideal for when I’m crouching to help Raiden play well with another dog and the other dog can stuff their face in my bag!!!

–> The hooks on the side (above the mini pockets) aren’t clips, they’re just plastic rings for you to attach things to

–> The main pocket is kinda hard to clean as the lining can’t be removed

–> The rear pocket (where I’d ideally like to keep my keys as it fastens with a zip) is hard to access if the bag is on a belt, which is why I keep poo bags in there

Those are literally the only negative things I can think of 🙂

We totally recommend this bag, and would rate it 4 out of 4 paws!


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