Give your pets love today

So after we had four mice die unexpectedly, I have been watching our other rodents with panic…every sneeze has me thinking they’re dying, and god help them if they’re asleep…!

This has made me realise that I take those I love for granted, be it humans or our pets. They’re all family and I’m lucky to have them. Give your pets some love from me today 🙂

With that in mind I have cleaned out both sets of mice, bought them some new food / treats in to try, bought them a new toy and wheel, given them extra handling, provided the gerbils with new cardboard to chew, cleaned out and made puzzle feeders for the degus and Archie the rat. Phew!

So here come more boring rodent photos…


The lower part of the degu cage; the paper balls in the hay / CD rack have the degus’ favourite treats hidden in the middle, like pass the parcel 🙂

The degus continue to gain confidence; clean out is no longer traumatic (although Toshi still gets a little nervous) and they take treats from me with almost zero hesitancy. They tried a whole walnut for the first time today, but can only have one each a month


I used our Plastikote for the first time yesterday (it’s BRIGHT red!) and coated some wooden levels and a cardboard level for the mice, degus and gerbils. They should be safe to go in with them tomorrow evening.

Here’s Maple looking hilarious as she climbs down from the highest level and picks out her favourite food from the bowl


Thistle joined her


I cleaned out the older girls, not a proper thorough clean just replacing the bedding…this now proves hilarious and very fun as Thorn (who used to be extremely nervous) chases my hand around as I wipe up the mess, nibbles at the kitchen roll and climbs my sleeve ❤


Thorn has actually come so far with her taming training, and is happy to be handled and explore now


Clover is the most timid out of the older girls, and joint most-timid out of all our mice. For her I put my sleeve in the cage and let her come to me, which usually takes a minute or so, and once she has climbed aboard she’s happy to be handled so long as I don’t lift her too high / far from the cage


Thorn looooved when I made a huge pile of kitchen role strips 🙂


Old girls’ set up:


And the younger ones:


The pet shop woman phoned back this morning after we didn’t hear from her yesterday.

She said her exotics vet can’t think what could have happened. Again she didn’t acknowledge how horrible it has been or apologise. After saying she can’t think what’s happened she went to hang up, and my partner said he wasn’t happy about all this, and we had paid for four mice that had just died.

The pet shop woman responded by saying she could order more mice in for us and she would let us buy them for half price…just, no.

My partner said we did not want to order mice from her again (why would she even think that?!) so she then said she could give us a half refund. Dear god…

My partner has asked her to phone us back when she has spoken with the breeder who supplied the mice to her, to see if he can shed any light on what has happened. Not only am I upset that this has happened, but I’m also appalled by the way the woman who owns the pet shop has handled it…


I’m sat on the couch relaxing after a tiring day now, with Kasper snuggled to my left and Zoey hogging the blanket to my right. Rey is asleep in his crate after a huge blustery walk, on which he excelled. My partner is playing an old PC game I loved watching as a kid, and all our pets are happy. Time to de-stress.

Finally I’d like to again say thank you to those of you who left us such caring comments. We really appreciated them ❤


2 thoughts on “Give your pets love today

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry to hear about all of your babies. My Mom used to have rats, mice, dwarf hamsters, and hedgehogs. Every time one passed, she was broken hearted. A life is a life, ya know? Anywho, I really liked your pictures. Please tell Zoey I said hi! *ear licks*

    • Thanks xxx

      We love our small rodent-y pets; mice are probably our favourite but their short lifespans are hard to deal with, especially because they are so full of character.

      Zoey says thank you for the ear licks and sends you face kisses 😀

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