Kasper has ruined my day

Stupid old grumpy annoying lovable furball that he is *sigh*

I stopped taking a med over three months ago. Now nobody ever warns you that your body comes to rely on this med for sleep (it isn’t prescribed for sleep aid), but my god does your body come to rely on it for sleep…

With that med I was sleeping (depending on my mood episode) 10 – 15 hours a day. Alongside other crappy side-effects it suuuucked!

I tailored off the med very slowly and expected my sleep to be seriously messed up for a few weeks, a month at most. As I said that was over three months ago, and since then I haven’t been able to sleep as I normally would. Not once 😥

I’ve tried everything. Sleep / white noise videos on YouTube helped a few times, but now they just annoy me as I lay awake and listen to them. I’m currently taking Nytol (they seem to have no effect) and an allergy pill combination…I read in several places that allergy pills (especially ones that don’t specify they are non-drowsy) are some of the most effective over the counter sleeping aids you can get.

With this combination I can get some sleep, but not enough.

Last night me and the adult dogs were up until 4am, as I couldn’t sleep. My partner gave in to sleep around 3am after staying up with me.

After finally getting to sleep sometime after four, this morning (at 10.47am) Kasper wakes me and Zoey up by walking across both of us.This was horrible in itself as part of my crappy sleep cycle is that if something wakes me up I have the *hardest* time getting back to sleep.

Kasper then smears his face on the duvet beside me whilst making long, irritatingly loud groany noises, designed to wake Zoey up and get her to play with him.

When that doesn’t work he noses the curtains open and sits peering out the windowsill, thwacking his tail noisily when he sees people.

Fuming doesn’t even come close to how I feel; groggy, tired, incredibly sad and pissed off kinda does.

Of course now that I am miserable and awake, Kasper is sound asleep.


I’m supposed to be posting the rest of the photos from the ice-cream walk we all did the other day, but I am too tired so instead have some random photos from the past week or so.

This is a new toy bin that I bought with some of my birthday money. Before this the toys were kept in a metal storage bin and a plastic bin, with both close to overflowing. The new box is a woven basket, but is actually plastic as Kasper and Zoey find wicker irresistible to chew on. It easily fits all the toys in and I’ve cable-tied some spare crate doors to the top so the dogs don’t have access


The degus I got as an early birthday present are coming on really well, to say how utterly terrified they were and that they hadn’t been handled previously.

Takka now races to the door when I open it and takes food from my hand with 100% confidence. Toshi is nervous but takes food from my fingers through the bars and, if he’s feeling brave, through the open doorway


Yummy flowers and herbs


And here are seven mice…because, you know, mice are adorable 🙂


We have three older (7+ months) girls called Bramble (brown and white), Thorn (solid silver, v. nervous) and Clover (black and white). They are sweet and Bramble is quite confident.

Currently they’re in a Habitrail Ovo combination cage, but once the gigantic new  (Langham Tall Rat) cage turns up the older girls will be moved into the gerbilarium that the younger girls are currently in. Unless I decide to try intro them all together in the huge barred cage, but I’m not sure I want to stress everybody out needlessly.

Here you can see Thorn (back), Clover (middle) and beautiful Bramble (front)


The four younger girls are 12 weeks old. They were supposed to be more skittish, but I’ve found them to be pretty robust for mice, and think of two of them especially will be fairly easy to tame. Although Bramble is pretty confident, Thorn and Clover are pretty flighty and timid.

The young girls are Maple (ginger with awesome markings), Parsley (black and white with beautiful face markings), Acorn (brown and white) and Thistle (silver and white).


They’ve only been home about four days and Bramble & Maple have already been handled with no issues. I think I might try handle Parsley for the first time today, too.

The mice will be making an appearance in another blog post soon, so there will be more pics incoming 🙂

For most the small fuzzies I make up a big batch of rodent food (which contains mouse food, various seeds, rabbit food and a small smattering of dog kibble) and share it amongst them. Whenever I make a new batch the dogs are always interested and usually snaffle a few mouthfuls…OH HEY ZOEY!


This little doofus is 16 weeks old now and went for a bus for the first time yesterday. He did really well, I will post more about him soon (stupid birthdays hogging the limelight…)


Also Rey might have changed a little in the 8 weeks we’ve had hime, I guess. Just a little 😉


Where is your beard and crazy hair?!

Also I’ve been blearily adding bits to the right of the blog for the past hour – now there’s a ‘follow’ button, a pic of Zoey, a calendar, an archive and a category searchy thing.

Hopefully everyone can see them on the main page (for some reason they don’t come up on each individual blog) and they aren’t annoying…if they are I can just get rid though ^__^


6 thoughts on “Kasper has ruined my day

    • Thank you 🙂

      Kasper is forgiven…but only because he’s done really well with handling / nail filing work today. I’ve not been seeing any improvement for months but now I’m actually starting to see progress!!

      Sure I’ve only filed a few mm off of ONE nail, but we are thrilled and so proud of him XD

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