Favourite photos

Yesterday we did such an incredible amount of walking that, for the first time since we brought Raiden home and *really* started walking lots, my legs ached afterwards 🙂

We did *thinks* over seven hours of walking yesterday. Yowch!

By mid-afternoon we’d already done several hours walking, but finished up slightly earlier than expected. So what did we decide to do? Take Kasper on a huge hike of course 😀

We thought we could walk along the coast several miles to a restaurant that sells real gelato, get some and have a break to eat, then walk back along the canal. It’s a huge walk; the coastal route is about 4 miles long and the canal about 3!

I love photography. I love looking at photos that stir up emotions inside me, and I’ve always wanted to take photos that I was proud of…but I never really seem to manage it!

Somehow on yesterday’s walk I took some nice photos, so here are the ones that (mostly) don’t contain Kasper – I’ll probably post the doggy ones tomorrow 🙂

(click the pics to enlarge them)


I got really lucky with the clouds and the lighting as we headed to the beach. I’ve always found clouds fascinating. Sunset was fast approaching too, and with it came all the beautiful colours


As we walked alongside the first bit of beach the golden colours reflected on the water was just stunning. The kind of beauty where your heart aches (or is that just me?!). I wanted so badly to get a photo that captured this fleeting golden moment, and I can never usually manage it…but I like this 🙂


Cloudy sunset


One of my favourite-est photos that I’ve ever taken, this is exactly how I wanted it to turn out!


Had to get a photo of this cloud, it looks like a dragon breathing fire…and the fireball is even a pinky red!


It’s a shame that sheep graze freely on the beach as it would be a perfect spot to let Kasper and Zoey off lead to go absolutely crazy! There’s miles and miles of open space, especially when the tide’s out, but as the sheep graze on the actual beach you never know if there might be some hiding behind tufts of grass


And this is probably my all-time favourite photo, as it really speaks to me. I just wanted to get a photo of the paw prints, but I love the result…here are two of the people (animals? Things??) that matter most to me in the world 🙂


I’ll leave it at that for now. I think I took a video of us stumbling along the beach, tired and starving hungry, shouting the Ren & Stimpy ‘Log’ song at the top of our lungs…it may get posted at some point 🙂


6 thoughts on “Favourite photos

  1. You captured some gorgeous photos. I know what you mean about scenery being so beautiful it makes your heart ache, I went on a walk on the coast on Friday and it just made me feel so at peace and rejuvenated. The last photo of your partner and Kasper is so lovely, definitely one to print and frame 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Quite a few of my friends are city lovers, and I can’t understand it AT ALL…I really hate cities, the closeness and busyness of it all – but put me in a cluster of fields and I’m right at home 🙂

      My parents can’t understand how we enjoy walking three dogs several times a day, but walks are peaceful and rejuvenating, exactly as you said, and I benefit a lot from them.

      Thank you 😀

      • When I was younger I used to be a city lover as my family lived near the town centre and I couldn’t imagine living in the country but as I got older I don’t like the crowds in the city anymore and becoming more like a hermit xD

      • Hahahaha that’s okay I have always been a hermit XD

        When I was a mid-teen all my friends would be getting trains to the nearest big city to go shopping, and I would be wandering around fields hand-feeding cows and getting covered in cow slobber bwahaha!

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