My birthday fun times :)

So now that we’ve marveled at Zoey’s lovely (and ongoing) birthday celebrations, here’s what I did last weekend!

My parents and Nana came to stay, which was really cool as I don’t get to see them that often, and as my mum’s birthday is a day after mine it meant we could celebrate together πŸ™‚

The night before they came we finished constructing the minibar me and my partner have been building and filling for my mum’s birthday…Zoey was so tired after a day of walking and opening gifts she didn’t even get up to shred the cardboard / paper / eat the food!!


On the Saturday we met my parents at the lovely b&b; they were in a beautiful room that had a sea view!


We passed out party hats and snuck into my parents’ room before them to set up the minibar, which she really liked πŸ™‚


We had a pootle around the beautiful place they were staying, and I’d given my mum a voucher for a really posh & tasty chocolate shop so she had an awesome time choosing individual chocolates πŸ˜€


After a few hours with my parents my dad came back to our house and we walked / played with / trained the dogs to tire them out for the evening, when we met up with my mum and Nana and went out for a meal. We then walked along the promenade, by which point it was very late and dark, then it was back home to give the pups their final walk and bed!


I got this new leather lead for my birthday and it’s so comfy!

Kasper just wanted to get moving πŸ˜‰


The next day, after some car trouble for my parents, I spent some of my birthday money at Pets At Home (I don’t like them as a company, but I hadn’t been to one in years and had birthday cash so it was fun!) then went to a petting farm πŸ˜€


There were plenty of animals with funky hair do’s to match the cows from the other day



These little stubby sheep had hilarious expressions πŸ™‚


And I always love taking pics of the peacock!


After the farm my family dropped us off at home to walk the dogs again, then we had a final meal together and it was time for everyone to go home for good! What a wonderful weekend though!

Today we’re exploring a new footpath with Raiden, then after his walk we have a huge trek planned with Kasper.

We’re going to walk across the farmers’ fields and join the canal, stop off at a restaurant that sells real gelato, head to the beach where we’ll eat the ice-cream and then walk home along the coast!

It should be a really nice walk, and the half-way break for ice-cream will be appreciated πŸ™‚

Usually when we get ice-cream I can only eat dairy-free (seven years of being vegan has left me with a repulsion for things that taste strongly of ‘dairy’!), so the great thing about this restaurant is that not only do they happen to have a vegan flavour (Strawberry – and you wouldn’t know it was vegan!), but the mint flavour doesn’t taste very creamy either!

The mint is actually my favourite, and I think I’m getting two scoops of just mint today πŸ˜› They don’t use mint flavouring, the ice-cream actually tastes of the herb mint…it’s totally bizarre but scrumptious!!


6 thoughts on “My birthday fun times :)

  1. What a lovely weekend, seemed like it was a lot of fun! The minibar is such a creative and thoughtful present, might have to steal the idea for a future gift for my fiancΓ©. That petting farm looks awesome, if I ever won the lotto I honestly would get a bit of land and open a petting farm full of rescue animals, who needs mansions and fancy cars eh xD

    • Thank you πŸ˜€

      I am actually pretty useless with crafty things so the minibar took about three hours to build (the wrapping part was the worst!) but it did look awesome once finished and my mum seemed to really like it πŸ™‚

      It’s always been mine and my partner’s dreams to run a petting farm for rescue animals!!!! Haha that’s so weird! When we lived in Stoke we even looked into taking over a farm in a local park that had closed down a few months earlier, but it was a no go πŸ˜›

      • This is totally unrelated but just remembered you know that facebook page I won the halloween outfit from, they are doing a competition at the minute where you post a video of your pet doing tricks and I thought that you could enter since you do so many tricks with your pets, if you go to and scroll down to a post from yesterday (thurs) at 7am it says the rules and the prizes

      • Oooh thanks! I’ll have a looksie and try and work out what the most entertaining trick the doofuses know πŸ™‚

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