Zoey’s birthday adventure – the presents!

Before I get to the fun and photos, can I just say – WHAT IS THE WEATHER DOING?!

It’s literally rained maybe five times since we got Raiden (25th August); one of those was an extremely loud thunderstorm with hail (see video in this post), one was light spittle and most the rest were at odd times when Raiden was sleeping.

So really Rey hasn’t had much experience with rain, although we have dribbled water droplets on his head in an attempt to get him used to it 😀

Yesterday was another grey but totally dry day, when out of nowhere the heavens opened and it has been raining non-stop for over 12 hours. Big heavy raindrops too. Why does our weather do this?! It’s summery and too warm until the end of October, then the rain begins…can’t we have some beautiful frosty-but-sunny Autumn days, please??

Rey didn’t mind the rain too much at all though, which was nice. I don’t think he’s going to be like Zoey, yay 🙂

The rain has also knocked thousands and thousands of leaves off the trees. They must have all been clinging on, as there was just a small smattering on the roads and pavements previously, and now there’s a thick carpet of them. It was weird to go out and see such an instant difference!

Sorry, weather-whinge over…onto the photos!


Birthday loot!

Just a few years ago, when Zoey was around a year old, she didn’t understand how to open gifts…which I find bonkers as she has *always* enjoyed shredding paper and cardboard, so why wouldn’t she open them?! I don’t know, but I remember Christmas 2013 we had to open all her presents for her!!

Now this happens 😀

She enjoys the wrapping paper more than the gifts, at least initially, and I must admit me and my partner are proper saddos and get really excited about her opening her loot >__<

Here she is with the giant octopus. She’s had every size now, I don’t know what we’ll get her next year…maybe two small ones?? 😀


I got some perfectly timed levitating objects photos, through sheer luck


Who knew octopuses could fly?!


Next it was time to try some of the tasty treats she got for her birthday: chocolate bone


And these weird sushi-type meaty treats


The little lion, that Zoey chose from the pet shop, was killed and de-stuffed in under a minute…but the skin made an awesome tug of war toy!


There was much chewing of the 1ft+ antler 😀


Which she reeeaaally enjoyed 🙂


And then it was time to perform surgery on the octopus and spread his fluffy innards everywhere!!



What a wonderful birthday 🙂


Her birthday festivities will be continuing at some point, as I haven’t baked her any birthday cookies / cake yet…yes, I am a neglectful owner. Damn these busy days…


4 thoughts on “Zoey’s birthday adventure – the presents!

  1. Looked like an awesome birthday! The video was adorable, love how yous get all excited for her. Also love the “flying” octopus and the epic sized antler.
    You have made me all excited for Bonnie’s birthday on Halloween day and reminded me to wrap her presents 😀

    • Thanks! The gigantic antler was unearthed in a really rundown pet shop and crazy cheap. Such a good find as all three of the pups have LOVED it and it’s already about half the length it started at 😀

      Aw Bonnie is an October baby too!! Can’t wait to see her birthday photos ^__^

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