Kasper’s giant hike (Pt 2)

Following on from yesterday’s post we continued along a fairly narrow path, with fields full of sheep to our right. Thankfully the weeds were so high Kasper couldn’t see over the top and obsess about them 😉

Once we rounded a corner the view was stunning, just fields and fields as far as the eye could see!


The area is so huge that I can’t believe I didn’t know about these footpaths??


Just before the halfway point of the walk we stumbled across a huge lake, with maybe a dozen moorhens paddling on the surface of the water. One was at the edge closest to us so obviously Kasper just had to make it his business to scare it off 😉

(if you click to enlarge the photo you can see the ripples on the water made by the moorhens’ feet, and you can see the bird in flight!)


The surface of the water was covered with the leaves of a plant, I don’t know what it is? But it made for a really cool photo 🙂


When we were here the other day we stopped and watched the birds on the water, and noticed sudden movement in the shallows closest to us – it was a gigantic fish! Must have been 2.5 – 3ft long and really wide too, it was humongous!

Kasper had a grand time diving into the water and enjoying a swim (I’ll post a video of this tomorrow). Then he sat and took in his surroundings whilst my partner collapsed and recuperated at the top of the hill XD


All the moorhens and the new environment made it very easy to catch Kasper’s intense ‘Collie stare’ when I took photos of him 🙂


Look at those eyes!!


Once I’d spent five minutes scouting for fish and concluded that I wasn’t going to get to see one today, I climbed up the hill beside my partner and we all had a brief rest in the quiet of the fields


Soggy happy Boo!


He would never have stopped and patiently rested like this a few years ago – if we dared stop to get a stone out of our shoe when he was younger he would be pacing and whining!!


Final batch of photos coming tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Kasper’s giant hike (Pt 2)

  1. Aw what a handsome Kasper 🙂 looks such a gorgeous place to walk and swim (so jealous need to find somewhere safe around here since the doggy pool is closing 😦 ) and explore, also the weather has (touch wood) been pretty great for Autumn so far!

    • Thanks 😀 There are some really nice footpaths around there and I’m thrilled to have found somewhere for Kasper to paddle / swim, as where we live now he only had the canal (which we rarely go to) and the beach when the tide was in!

      The weather here is crazy warm for mid October, we’re actually still walking around in shorts and t-shirts which is just…bizarre XD

      Aw man the pool Bonnie went to is closing?!

      • Yea they are shutting down due to their planning application getting rejected or something along those lines, it’s such a shame.
        I’ll have to start looking for somewhere she can swim, there is a pond by the leisure centre near us but there are geese/swans so don’t think we are allowed and Bonnie totally fixates on them anyway, suppose it just means extra walks in new places to discover somewhere 🙂

      • Aw man that sucks :/ I hope you find somewhere…I need to start introducing Raiden to wading / swimming actually, he goes about 3 inch deep at the moment but we haven’t found anywhere where he can slowly inch in deeper yet 🙂

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