Kasper’s giant hike (Pt 1) & wtf vets?!

I’m doing this post backwards, so bear with me 😉

We took Kasper on a special uber long walk today, and on the way back we decided to pop into our vets, as it was a weekday evening so should be quiet.

We basically wanted to take him into the waiting room, feed him treats, and leave. He’s a nervous dog; strangers are still a slight issue with him and vets are an even bigger one, so any positivity we can get him feeling towards the vets is a good thing!

I left my partner and Kasper outside and I went into the vets waiting room, to check it was empty of other people / pets and to tell the staff what we were doing. 9 times out of 10 when we ask staff at the vets to completely ignore Kasper they come over screaming his name and try to stroke his face *sigh*

The vets was empty so I said “Hi, is it okay if we just bring our rescue dog in and feed him treats, to get him used to the vets?”

The staff member looked at me blankly for a few seconds then said “Are you registered with this vets?” I said I was. “I’ll just go check…” she replied, and went round to a back room.

I found this reeeaaally odd.

We’ve been long term users of five different veterinary surgeries over the years, and all of them have encouraged us to bring the dogs in and feed treats, to get them used to the place, whenever we can. The really weird thing is that the good vet we see at this surgery actually encouraged us to do this too!!

I went to wait at the reception desk, and I heard the person I spoke with hurriedly whispering what I wanted to do to another member of staff. I then hear the woman I spoke to whisper, “And she’s got a camera around her neck. I don’t know why. I don’t know whether she wants to take photos?”

What the actual fuck?!

First of all, I had my camera because we’d been on a beautiful walk and I wanted to take photos of my dog enjoying himself!

Secondly, surely I’m allowed to take photos of MY OWN DOG in a vets’ waiting room?!? And thirdly I can hear you as you talk about me, and whispering is rude!!!

The woman came back behind the desk and said it was okay to bring my dog in, but she had to “check my dogs’ details on the computer” – um, why?

She asked for my dog’s name and surname, which I gave her. When nothing apparently came up on the system she turned and asked “Are you *actually* registered with us?” – WHAT?! Why would I lie?? XD

So then I gave her our address, and lo and behold she found all three of our dogs are registered with the surgery – she had just typed Kasper’s name in wrong!! Ugh!

Finally I was cleared to bring Kasper in – but all that was really weird, right?

I said again that we wouldn’t be in for long, and that all staff must ignore him. To the woman’s credit she did, and she even asked if it would be okay for her to walk past us and empty her mop bucket, as we were sat by the door 🙂

Kasper on his part was terrible at the vets. Really skittish and extremely nervous, with a real tail tuck…I don’t know why as his several previous vet visits (not at the same vet though) were very positive and he was comfortable there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so nervous at a vets *sigh*

I guess we’ll start taking him and feeding him high value treats more often, but keep it shorter and easier. It’s just so hard finding a time when the surgery is empty and when the staff there will listen to you…

In some ways Burch Tree Vets seems good (mainly just that the vet we use is awesome and has been brilliant with two of our dogs)…but in a lot of other ways the surgery seems pretty terrible :/

Anyway, rant-type-thing over – onto the photos 😉

Whilst out walking the other day we stumbled across some farmers’ fields that have several public footpaths weaving through them. It’s a really beautiful walk so we decided to take Kasper there today


Waiting to cross a road

You walk through what’s really quite a busy area, and then suddenly turn off onto a dirt track road. You follow it along for quite a while


And suddenly there’s this beautiful expanse of greenery!


Kasper found plenty of interesting things to sniff, and obviously had to do the paw lift…helps him suck those scents into his nose better, don’t ya know? 😉


Same pose, different patch of grass!


We left the large green space and climbed a grassy hill to the next part of the walk


Autumn is fast approaching and the leaves are beginning to change colour on the trees. Although it’s still warm in the day (15*C) it drops to 5*C at night, brrr!


Preparing to climb the next gentle incline we had to have an enforced rest, as up ahead a farmer was moving sheep from one field to another, and nothing gets Kasper quite as excited as sheep do! (you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them, the sheep are in the top right field)


When we reached the very top of the hill we had a beautiful view to the right over the beach and, in the distance, layers and layers of mountains



And to the right you could see the quarry. I think a public footpath spits us out near there, and we can follow a route through a forest around the right side of the quarry…we’ll have to check it out one day when we don’t have plans and have extra energy! 🙂


There are plenty of different footpaths to explore 🙂


And, final photo for Part 1 of Kasper’s walk, here he is trying to figure out which way to go!


More to come later 😀


10 thoughts on “Kasper’s giant hike (Pt 1) & wtf vets?!

  1. Very nice pictures! Maybe Kasper acted more nervous than usual at the vet’s because the atmosphere was a bit tense with the woman in the waiting room after the strange way she acted?

    • Thank you 🙂 I thought it could be that too, and really hope so…I finally thought we were getting somewhere with Kasper’s vet anxiety, it would be a pain if we were right back to square one for some unknown reason…

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