The day that crippled my brain!

Today I got up just after 7am, as my parents were coming to pick us up at 11.30am and we had to have all the dogs walked and played with by then.

They were coming to collect us and then they were driving to a chicken breeder, and we were picking a new flock for hencam!

I had spent weeks and weeks researching different runs and plastic coops for my parents, and finally they bought and built them. So then I spent hours researching different breeds and colours, once I had found a fantastic nearby breeder.

Just as we were getting back off Raiden’s walk, at 11.40am, my dad text that they were running late and would arrive at 1.15pm – whut?! But but but all our dogs have been walked and are ready to sleep in their crates *now*! AAAGH!!

Anyway, they got here just after 1pm and we grabbed a bite to eat before setting off to the breeder. It should have only been a 25 minute drive, but it ended up taking 2 hours and 20 minutes because every single route we tried, the traffic was at a standstill!!


The yellow cars indicate heavy traffic; the red shows traffic at a standstill!!

Why, traffic, why?!


It was sooo stressful. At one point (when we’d seen the motorway was gridlocked and our ETA for the breeder was 3.49pm) my dad pulled over and we were all just utterly miserable and stressed!

The breeder closed at 4pm, and even when we were past the traffic we weren’t due to arrive until 4.20pm. Bless the breeders they stayed open an extra half hour for us!

Pear Tree Poultry were absolutely fantastic. Not only were the staff very welcoming, helpful and knowledgable, but the set-ups for the birds were incredible!


They had outdoor perches to watch the world go by on 🙂


I had chosen six chickens (2 bantams and 4 standards) of various colours, so my parents are now the proud owners of:

  •  1 Brahma (I think Lemon Pyle)
  • 1 Amber Star (who’s a lovely creamy coffeey white colour!)
  • 1 Lavender Pekin
  • 1 Millefleur Pekin
  • 1 Silver Appenzeller
  • 1 Gold Appenzeller

So far their names are (in order of breeds listed above) Lesley [not 100% on spelling], Ariel, Maude, Mabel, Erika and Renee!!!


Erika and Renee 🙂

And a video of the set-ups and birds at Pear Tree Poultry…just wonderful 🙂

Finally me and my partner got inked this weekend, too 😀


My partner’s first tattoo! And my new one is the lock 😉



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