Sorry Zoey!

Omb we felt so bad for Zoey on her walk today…

Walking towards the fields and she found a ‘something’. I thought at first she had a thick wedge of rubber, like an insole. Zoey carried this ‘bit’ with her for twenty minutes, and every few minutes she would try stop and chew it. Why did she like it so much?!?

I asked her to ‘drop it’, but it was too good, so I scattered treats on the floor, but she was uninterested.

We had a big hike planned in a different and exciting place, but I didn’t want to take her whilst she was acting like an idiot with the rubber bit. Eventually my partner picked her up, to see if she would drop it naturally, or trade for treats in his arms. Nope.

So we turned and came home, and as I hyped her up with bundles of dry grass in the next field she dropped the ‘bit’ herself, and I was able to sneak it away from her without her seeing. Do you know what the ‘bit’ was?

It was a thick wedge of rawhide 😦

I felt sooo sorry for her!! We were getting so frustrated, and I thought she was being a pleb over a piece of rubber…but she’d found rawhide, and she didn’t even mind when we picked her up or fussed her…oh my poor poor Zoey! ❤

If Kasper had found that rawhide he would have told us to bugger off if we’d so much as looked at him…and gentle little Zoey didn’t gripe no matter what we did…little darling, she got so many treats afterwards!

I tossed the rawhide over the hedge into another field and we gave Zoey so much love and apologised profusely. I promised to try not get so stroppy so quickly ever again 🙂

Once she had a free mouth we climbed a hill where there’s a beautiful view; I love the mountains in the distance


(it’s still far too warm – 18*C today, aaaagh!)


Zoey really enjoys rest points as we do training games. Her favourite is the touch game, where I hold my hand out, she bumps it with her nose, and I toss the treat in the grass maybe three feet away. She loves rootling it out then darting back for another go!


Soaking up the view and the rays

And some BIG BIG NEWS – for the first time ever Zoey lay down on a walk whilst wearing her harness!!!


I was amazed!!! And the funny thing was I didn’t even *ask* her to lie down! She offered it herself!

Now Zoey has always hated wearing her harness, and struggles even with sitting in her harness as she’s so touch sensitive. She has never been able to lie down whilst wearing it…unless you count flopping and rolling in the grass / on dead things, she forgets about her sensitivity then XD

But today she just did it. Again and again. She even lay down and waited so I could take the photo above…bless her, only took her 2.5 years to realise the harness wasn’t the implement of torture she thought it was 🙂

Finally, sunset pic looking towards the beach (the strip of silver in the distance is the sea!)



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