Same walk, different dogs

Raiden had another walk to the beach today, and we still managed to miss all the other dogs!

We did see a Patterdale Terrier and its’ owner seemed to want us to say hi and chat, but the dog’s body language was very worrying so we scooped Raiden up and walked on…gotta keep all the dog-dog interactions as positive as possible!

Raiden had a wonderful time at the beach. He ran off lead (with no longline trailing), played with a squeaky toy, and even splashed through water that was about 3 inches deep – any deeper and he’d have been swimming!

He is funny with water, he tries to sniff it and finds any blob of mud he plucks from puddes extremely exciting. This means he snorts and blows bubbles in the water a lot hehe.

He’s getting better with the “*RAWR* I am over-excited and am going to jump at your legs and try bite your shorts!” It used to be he would do this within the first few minutes of the walk, as he couldn’t cope with how excited he was, but now it happens once we’ve been out 20+ minutes, and he calms down after being carried. Yay 🙂

He saw a horse for the first time today (we’ve been carrying him past this fields of horses every few days and they’ve not been by the fence once!!). He sat and watched them for so long whilst I played LAT with him.

And now photos from a walk with the big ‘uns yesterday.


I think she’s taking part in some secret dog dance ritual that I don’t know about



Whatever it is she was pretty pleased with herself!

After all that exhilarating rolling we headed to what we call the ‘watering hole’ for a drink. Although it looks pretty shallow it’s actually a good few feet deep, and Kasper enjoys swimming in there, as you will see later!


I got some wonderful photos of Zoey posing with the mountain in the background (click the pic to enlarge)


Oh god, her face… ❤


A quick rest and a pose for a photograph with daddy


And then a peek in at the hall we are trying to hire on our way home…wish the person organising it all would pull their thumb out and answer the phone / ring us 😛


Once we’d dropped Zoey off we were back out in this horribly hot weather (seriously, 20*C is too bloody hot for the end of September!!) with Kasper. He’s not as rolly as Zoey at all, so usually gets walked a little further due to the extra time we have


Again we stopped by the watering hole and Kasper dove straight in. He paddled about, swam to the other bank and nibbled at the grass, then rushed out and shook, spattering us all with water 🙂



Soggy fuzz-bum!

Nearing the midway point of the walk


Oh hey, this looks familiar!!


Kasper was much happier to hold his sit and wait for me to get a good photo, so I could take my time without feeling rushed


I dug out some of Zoey’s old harnesses today, from when she was a puppy, as we want to switch Raiden to a new harness.

The one he’s wearing now has really small clips that the lead attaches to, and there are two as it’s a step-in, so it’s fiddley. I found Zoey’s old camouflage Ezy Dog Quick Fit harness, but even though she wore that when she wasn’t much older than Raiden (AND she was a tiny runty puppy) it’s still far too big for him :/


Baby Zoey in the Ezy Dog Quick Fit

The step-in Rey wears seems to annoy him a little, and it’s hard to grab / attach the lead to.

I don’t know whether to buy a smaller Ezy Dog or just try and wait for him to grow…ideally I want him to have a Ruffwear Front Range harness when he’s fully grown, though. What colour Ruffwear would I get him?! Zoey has the blue, Kasper has the orange, I don’t like the black and am reserving the pink as a back-up for Zoey…hmmm.


14 thoughts on “Same walk, different dogs

  1. Hahahahaha Zoey’s tribal back dance – how cool, Oscar has started doing the same thing on the living room rug, you don’t think it’s some sort of secret messaging system going on between them do you ??
    Soggy fuzz bum looked perfectly at home in the watering hole 🙂
    The best photo for me ?? the one of Zoey her dad peeking in the hall window – hilarious

    • Oh god, I would love to see a photo / video of Oscar’s secret messaging, surely it looks even more adorable / hilarious the bigger the dog is?! XD

      Oh yeah, there’s not much that beats swimming for Kasper…well okay, food (obviously), walks, off lead walks, THEN swimming 😉

      Hahaha Zoey always does that if we look into a window…she can quite often be seen ‘window shopping’ which is simply fantastic 😀

      • Oscar hasn’t been swimming yet, we took him to the coast a while back and was a little in awe of the sea, I’m hoping to take him back this weekend – weather permitting and see what he does this time.When he’s rolling round on his back he looks like a dung beetle that’s stuck and can’t turn over, when he realises we are laughing at him he really goes into over drive – sooo funny

      • Zoey’s not a fan of swimming; paddling and even wading thigh-deep is fine…but swimming is too much 😉

        I really want to get Rey used to waves, but unfortunately the beach by us only has very gentle lapping waves when the tide comes in. There are big waves 15 minutes drive away but Rey’s not ready for the bus yet >__<

        Dogs that get even more OTT because it makes their humans laugh are my favourites 🙂

      • Best way for a dog to be…Zoey sometimes puts her paws on either shoulder to really kiss my face, and when I laugh hysterically she gets even more excited…usually end up on my back, with Zoey pinning me to the floor, and I can’t even laugh hysterically because then she licks in my mouth XD

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