Huge hike alert!

We had a lazy day today…well, in that we didn’t have anything planned, but we did do lots of walking, so not lazy in that sense…

Kasper had a walk, Zoey had a walk, and then we planned to take Raiden quite far from home to a popular dog walking spot so he might make new friends. After all it was a sunny Saturday afternoon!


“Om nom, thorny branch…”

In the first field he got to go off lead. He seems to get excited very easily (as in the first few minutes) when we initially start walking, so once he hypes himself up we scoop him up and carry him for a while to calm him down. In the next field he was plopped back on the ground to walk on lead.


And sit on lead, because he likes doing that too

We cut through another village and entered a very steep field. This is the first proper hill Raiden has experienced. At the top you got a beautiful view. If you click to enlarge the photo you can just about make out the sea 🙂


And then it was time for Raiden’s first exploration of a forest! He was initially very curious about *everything*, and it took us a good few minutes to move even a metre forwards.


But he got the hang of it 😉

Raiden loved the mossy walls, especially when he discovered he could pull mouthfuls of the stuff off!! He would have a sniff, grab a chunk and carry it until he was distracted by something else equally fascinating


He really hasn’t seen many trees up close, and certainly hasn’t walked amongst them, so that was a new & fun experience for him


Raiden had plenty of rest points where we carried (well okay, my partner) carried him. Young puppies aren’t supposed to walk too far as it can damage their growth plates / joints, this is especially true with large breed puppies, but better safe than sorry with Raiden too 🙂


Finally we got to the rockface, which is where you can usually find most dogs. I don’t think we’ve seen less than five dogs when we’ve walked there, ever. Of course this time there were none -__-


After looping around a little in the hopes of seeing a dog we turned around and retraced our steps. Raiden discovered that putting his front paws on the dry stone wall made us laugh and feed him treats


Although when I tried to encourage him to do it again he sat and looked confused


He had more opportunities to go off lead in the fields on the way home, and he was utterly adorable charging about with his toy in his gob. There were plenty of cases of puppy zoomies, and hopefully he will sleep for a good few hours now 😀


Release the beast!


He’s coming this way!!


And a video of the adventure…look forward to the clips at the end where Raiden discovers a new game, mainly charging between us with a toy, growling, then settles about 10ft away and repeats over and over again XD


8 thoughts on “Huge hike alert!

    • Funnily enough he isn’t, but there is a story to his name (which I will bore you with now XD ).

      So a few years ago my partner introduced me to wrestling, much to my dismay haha, and I got to know most the wrestler’s names. When we decided to get a small breed puppy I really wanted to call him Rey, after Rey Mysterio (yes, I am sad 😛 ), but I also wanted the name to be longer and be able to be shortened.

      I was looking on a Japanese name site as I really like several Japanese names, and discovered Raiden…I was over the moon because we could shorten it to Rey!!

      And my partner was very happy with the name as he loves Metal Gear Rising hahaha 🙂

      • Haha that’s not sad at all! I love japanese names too although can’t say I know anything about wrestling these days, although used to love it when I was young with the undertaker and all those guys at the time. There’s no story behind Bonnie’s name as that what Rainbow Rehoming called her but we thought it was cute so didn’t change it, glad we didn’t as it really suits her.

      • Haha I seemed to do it the opposite to most people…never watched wrestling as a kid, not once, then got introduced to it by my partner at the age of about 21 😛

        Hahaha I love the Undertaker! XD He’s actually got a pretty big storyline at the moment, but is pretty…old 😛

        I love the name Bonnie 🙂 We’ve always wanted a pet named Bonnie, but it’ll have to wait because our friend currently has a mouse named Bonnie…don’t wanna ‘steal’ the name, and talking about both our Bonnies would get confusing!!

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