Over and done with

Raiden had his last vaccination and his microchipping this morning (early this morning, blegh!) – it went fine!

I have been stressing about the microchip for so long, I couldn’t sleep last night and I was tremble-y and felt sick on the way to the vets. I am PATHETIC!

We saw the same lovely vet as last time. She greeted us enthusiastically and couldn’t believe how much Rey had grown.Β She even asked how Zoey was after her emergency vet visit – aww πŸ™‚

We went into the examination room and Raiden looked sooo big on the table!! He had a pootle and a play, then she gave him his vaccination (no reaction, yay) followed by the microchip. Quick shriek of pain, but nothing a cuddle, a ton of fuss and some ham didn’t fix πŸ˜‰

And that was it. He got some more love from the vet and then he was weighed – he was 3.6kg a fortnight ago, today he weighed 4.5kg!! He’s gained all that in two weeks! I asked if the vet thought he was too skinny, but she said he looks really good.

We popped him back on the table and fed treats whilst he offered tricks as we chatted. He did ‘settle’ a lot (where he lays down and puts his chin on the floor and makes eye contact – bloody adorable!!) which was lovely as it kept him still with no chance of falling off the table XD

I asked when we can book him in for his neuter, I think we’ll do it when he’s around 6 months. I also asked if he’d be wearing a cone when we picked him up, as I want to start counter conditioning him to a cone ASAP. Felt very reassured as the vet mentioned he would be going home with a cone and pain killers – when Zoey was spayed there was no cone and no mention of pain killers, thank you crappy vet…

The vet also ended the appointment by saying she wished ‘all owners were like you’…I think I love her X-D

And I’ve been saying I had cute Zoey pics to share for ages, so I’ll do that whilst all the dogs and my partner are napping πŸ˜‰


I love this photo, she’s so beautiful πŸ™‚


There’s nothing better than when a dog gets a good sniffing face ^__^


“Woah seriously, something smells *so* goooood!”


Hello pretty blockheaded girl. We do love you, you know πŸ˜‰ ❀




2 thoughts on “Over and done with

    • Thank you…I fail to see how people can’t love her big blockoid head XD

      Thanks also for the vet ‘yayness’ too! We are thrilled – just need to take Kasper in for an experimental visit now and see how she does with a hyped up nervy Collie cross πŸ˜€

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