Apparently 120cm is tall!

So we have been using an 80cm tall puppy pen and it’s come in really handy – I now recommend pens to everyone, especially if you have multiple dogs…or an annoying other half!!

However Raiden has started jumping at the sides, and although he’s currently a midget one day he will easily be able to scale the sides.

Yesterday we bought the same brand of pen, but a 120cm tall one. It was expensive but we figured we could use the smaller one for a variety of things, and even take it to the puppy class to use as a ‘cool down’ area.

We paid for ultra express delivery, so that it would (should…) arrive by 1pm today. This meant we had to cancel a few things and rearrange Raiden’s vet appointment, but it was worth it to have a pen that our dogs could be left in safely. However bloody Yodel didn’t deliver the pen until 1.30pm, so we could have gone to the vets after all…phooey :/


This should give you an inkling of quite how huge the pen is…

I got my litter super assistant to help me open the box…she definitely didn’t just tear at a tiny corner piece, then drag little scraps away to shred further…


Look at this beast!! (I am, of course, referring to the pen and not Zoey 😉 )


Raiden’s had a wonderful day.

He went on a massive walk to the village over. He got to run off lead in one field, walk on a longline in the second then had to be carried through the village. He still strops the instant you pick him up, the little git!

When we reached the fields in the next village he got to run about again, and he said hi to his first strange dogs!!!

They were the perfect dogs to meet, very calm, and confident but not overly so. It was funny because when they ran over (a Miniature Schnauzer and a rescue Miniature Schnauzer cross) I sat on the ground so Rey could use my lap, but he turned and ran in the other direction!!

I clapped my hands and called his name and he rushed over with an ‘OMD thank god mummy, I didn’t have anywhere to hide!’ expression – then the two dogs reached us and he said hello very politely, batted their faces to try initiate play (perhaps not *quite* as polite XD ) and said hi to their owner. It all went perfectly, he was very confident and he loved meeting other doggies!

After a brief chat we walked to a pond so he could paddle / swim, but it was dried up! He explored the reeds and the rocks, then we turned and came back home. Hoping he’ll sleep for another hour, then he can have his last meal, a play and bed!

I also shuffled some furniture about today. Not much, but I moved a footstool to try and encourage the dogs to kip on there. I also put it next to Zoey’s camping chair, as she hasn’t used it in ages. She used to love her chair so hopefully having an extra ‘bed’ area attached to it will help…someone approved of the shuffling anyway 🙂


I’d like to point out we’ve had that bed since about a month after Kasper came to us…it even survived his horrible adolescence, when all he wanted to do was destroy beds (it’s survival is mainly because we kept it out of his reach when we couldn’t supervise him!)


Okay, I should say someoneS aprroved of the shuffling” 😉


“Great placement of the furniture mum, can see the TV really well from here!”

I don’t think she was too happy with me taking photos whilst she had a Kong though – what do you think?!


HAHAHA! It always amuses me how Zoey usually has the most joyous expression, and then sometimes that happens! And I got this wonderful photo too ^__^


Ultimately, after spending some time on the footstool and some time on her chair, she decided that snuggling with mummy on the couch is best…d’aww 🙂


Last vaccination and microchip for Raiden tomorrow *gulp* – I’m so scared!


8 thoughts on “Apparently 120cm is tall!

    • So happy and joyous and willing to pose for the camera…when she’s not eating 😉

      Thanks for the luck, I am sat here with nervous trembles because it’s vet time in an hour…partner’s getting back with Zoey from a walk and then we’re setting off. I don’t know how I manage to scare myself so much; I blame the fact it’s, like, 9am and I didn’t get to sleep until four *yawn*

  1. What brand of pen is that? Think I would be interested in getting a pen to attach to Bonnie’s crate for a bit of extra space when we can’t supervise her. Also I agree with everyone else that evil eye photo of Zoey is hilarious!

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