Everyone shares the pen

So although the pen in the living room is technically Zoey’s, for when we leave the house, she’s happy to share it between the boys too.

Raiden spends a lot of time in there whilst the big dogs play or sleep. Either myself or partner usually go in with him and keep him busy. My partner usually does gentle play and snuggling, whereas I like to really rag Raiden about and work on training.

Kasper is also delegated to the pen if he needs a brief time out, but we don’t want him in his crate. Usually it’s when the adult dogs have worked themselves up playing, and they need to rest and calm down but won’t let each other sleep!


Zoey: “Um, Kasper, what are you doing in my pen?” Kasper: “I don’t know lil sis, how do I get out of this thing?!”

Kasper’s funny as he gives me the most amazing puppy dog eyes ever when he goes into the pen. Of course he’s very happy in there until he’s finished his Kong, but afterwards I get this face πŸ˜€


“Mum, can I come out yet?”


“No seriously I’m bored…put Zoey in here instead!”

Today I started mat work with Raiden. I like mat work, it’s good for teaching the dog to be calm somewhere and it’s useful as a mat especially is very portable…I could take it on buses, trains, to classes etc.

I didn’t encourage him on the mat at all. I waited for him to go check it out and then click / treated him for interacting with it


He offered a sit on the mat within seconds, and a little while after that he lay down. Because he doesn’t have very good rear end awareness yet he thought he was on the mat here…we’ll work on that later πŸ™‚


And here’s Zoey chilling onΒ the same mat!


I also figured a way to get Raiden to offer me his paw today. Usually to teach a puppy ‘paw’ I hide a treat in my closed fist and click/treat them when they try dig it out. However when I had a treat hidden from Rey, because I’ve done so much work on leave it, he just sat and waited!! Ooops… πŸ™‚

It’sΒ Zoey’s third birthday in less than a month. I’m excited! I need to start planning her gifts, although to be fair all but one of the things on my birthday list are for the dogs >__<

Hopefully she’ll have a really great day…my parents are coming to stay nearby on the 17th – 18th October for my birthday, so I’m gonna try get my dad to come visit Zoey and we can all take her on a special ‘yay you’re three!’ walk πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Everyone shares the pen

  1. I love the whole I didn’t realise my body was this loooong thing LOL
    Your fur family really wear their hearts on their sleeves expression wise, aww just look at those beautiful photos …soooooo cute ❀

    • It was hilarious. I thought about waiting until he put his back end on too, but figured that was too cruel for his first try…we can work on that a few weeks down the line πŸ™‚

      Kasper’s puppy dog eyes really get to me. Remind me of how scaredy he was back in the early days, I can’t stand it when he’s sad. And Zoey is usually so happy that anytime she is miserable tugs at the heart strings extra. And Rey’s nickname so far is ‘the jerk’ because he just likes to complain about everything XD

      • I’m a real sucker for puppy eyes, and yours seem to have if off to a fine art!! Oscar has this look where he puts his head on your knee and looks up at you, awwww
        Poor Rey being know as ‘the jerk’ mind you its better than being know as ‘the plum’ LOL

      • Rotties are one of those breeds that have the *most* adorable puppy dog eyes…love ’em πŸ™‚

        Hahahahahaha!! Jerk or plum, tough decision…or you can opt for Kasper’s nickname which is ‘greedy git’ XD

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