Puppy Socialisation: people who don’t help…

We had another fun walk with Zoey. It wasn’t too hot out so we stuck about a big longer and had some extra exploring, play and fun time.

The fields have been cut so Zoey had a whale of a time rolling in the grass. As we were walking along I threw a huge wad of grass at her, which she loved, so it’s a new game of ours now πŸ™‚

Raiden had a humongous adventure today. We did bump into some guy who “has owned terriers for fifty years” and was giving us some wonderful ‘advice’…eg. he asked why we were carrying Rey, so we said we were gonna be out for an hour and puppies shouldn’t walk too far. He replied “think about what you’ve just f***ing said, you know? This is a terrier, he’ll run for miles!”…and it’s like well yeah, maybe he would, but it could mess up his joints /Β growth plates!

This man also yanked Raiden on the end of his longline (seriously, get the hell off my puppy’s lead!) and was just crap with him.

After the yank Raiden completely ignored him, which I loved. He wasn’t scared, he just had enough slack lead to move away and thought ‘well that guy’s an idiot so I’ll go do my own thing.’ Perfect πŸ™‚

I simmered angrily for the next half hour, but then we met a lovely woman who fussed Raiden, and she called out a young girl of about ten who did beautifully with him too.

We then bumped into a neighbour who has a tiny rescue Yorkie and had a chat with him (Rey threwΒ a strop because he was tired and wanted to see the dog) and then we were home!


This morning weΒ phoned up the place that runs the class we were going to take Raiden to. The class is called aΒ Puppy Socialisation Class, but you want to know something funny?Β The puppies don’t get to socialise with each other! WHAT??

Apparently they get to briefly sniff each other on lead in the beginning, but the class is ‘mostly about teaching puppies to focus around distractions’…then why call it a socialisation class?! Aaagh!

We might go to a few of their classes (providing you don’t have to pay for them in bulk) but as we only really want the socialisation aspect, it seems a bit of a waste…

So basically there are no puppy socialisation classes / groups around here. Wonderful. And we don’t know anybody with a puppy or a stable adult dog that Raiden could play and learn from. Even more wonderful!

We’re seriously considering setting up our own puppy socialisation group…the only issue is that by the time word got around and anyone started coming, Raiden would probably be all but grown up!! Could still be fun though πŸ™‚

We’ve got the number for the local village hall and are gonna ask if we could hire it out. I know the one a 20 minute walk away hires out to a dog trainer, so they do allow dogs in the building. It would be fun to provide a puppy class that is based on positive reinforcement, counter conditioning & building the confidence of nervous puppies, and socialisation.

I even thought we could take different surfaces (eg. rubber mats) and unusual items, such as our pop up tent, to get the puppies used to novelty items and show the owners of any scaredy pups how to help them overcome their fear.

Something we’re looking into anyway – for now have some photos of Zoey’s evening:


Kasper and Zoey got a treat of kibble, wet food and cream – ewww!


This clump of hair is mostly from brushing Kasper, although I did trim his ‘skirt’ (the long floofy hair at the top of his back legs!)

She was so tired after her off lead adventure πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Puppy Socialisation: people who don’t help…

  1. Even Rey knows a numbnut when he sees one LOL
    What a fantastic idea to start your own puppy classes, if I lived closer I’d be defiantly joining, loving all your photos .. well apart from the one of the food if I liked that one I’d be just plain weird πŸ™‚

    • Haha thank god…when we saw idiotic people with puppy Zoey they would be shouting “calm down!” and “sit! sit! sit!” at her (because you know, that helps *eye roll* ) & it would just get her even more excited, so they would get louder until we’d just walk off…

      Thanks! I’m not sure anybody would come if we ran a puppy socialisation class, seeing as the vets already runs one and people are more likely to trust vets, but it’s worth a shot πŸ™‚

      Oh man the creamy concoction looked seriously gross. I hate overly-dairy stuff anyway so cream already makes me feel queezy…bleh!

      • Although the vet already runs a session, perhaps you can angle yours slightly different , ie, puppy walking class?? as you say you have enclosed fields nearby so why not make the most of them πŸ™‚
        I always find shouting at an excited puppy helps …*sarcastic groan*

      • Hahaha I know right?! XD

        Oh I forgot to post some more wonderful advice the guy yesterday gave us: “don’t get him snipped…it just makes ’em fat and lifeless. They lose all their character when you get ’em done.” Wow really? I wish someone had told Kasper and Zoey that…!! *sigh* people…

        I kind of had a similar idea today (great minds? πŸ˜‰ ) and thought instead of just a puppy-on-puppy socialisation class, how about if I brought other things to socialise them with too, like unusual / novelty items? I was thinking rubber matting, our pop-up tent, umbrellas, top hats, noises etc. And in nice weather we could totally work outdoor play time in too…this is kind of exciting πŸ˜€

      • I have some news on ‘Oscar the plum’ and his jumping up/ mouthing issue, a breeder said it could be because he’s from a German bloodline..apparently this bloodline are bred to more confident because in Rottweiler show classes the dogs do agility as well as the more usual stuff, so need to be less fearful, and he will stop this behaviour at around 18 months.
        Your puppy class could include muzzle training, standing on a low platform to simulate getting on the scales at the vets, harness training etc…I’m so behind you on this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Huh never heard that before, eighteen months isn’t too far away either!

        Oooh I love the muzzle training idea (a nice big one so they can fit in easily) and the scales is a really good call too…what can I use as a platform, hmm. I have some wooden shelves we’re using as a visual barricade around the pen at the moment, they’re about 100cm x 50cm, that would work if I stood them on something. We could make a seesaw / unstable walkway out of them too πŸ˜€

        I wish you lived nearby, would be fun setting this up together and sharing the puppy cuteness πŸ˜€ If the group does get up and running I’ll try make sure we get lots of photos and videos!

      • Extra extra news on his plumship, having paid super attention to each time he jumps up as you recommended and chatting to the breeder as previously mentioned, we think he might also be having teenage strops !!! it does it more when he doesn’t want do do something ie wait to cross the road, if we stop and chat to someone that type of thing, so that combined with his bloodline is a bit of a combo .. I’ll be taking his computer off him if he carries on LOL
        I really hope you get the puppy/ youngster classes up and running as you sure know what you are doing and just think how the dogs would benefit, heck before you know it you will doing ‘Doggy Daycare’ I demand photos, videos and every ounce of gossip

      • His plumship!!

        *sigh* Teenagers these days, they don’t know how lucky they are. Why back in my day… XD

        It does sound so similar to Kasper; as soon as he wanted to do something (“awww mum there’s a dog playing over there and I’m stuck on my lead!!”) it’d be tantrum time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s way more common in the more ‘intense’ / working breeds too, so Rotties, Collies, Springers etc. No doubt when Rey hits adolescence we’ll be going through it all with him, yay… XD

        Thank you so much πŸ˜€ It’s an exciting endeavor that I wouldn’t have even thought of without Raiden. And I figure even if we hire a hall and nobody turns up, we can take our dogs there and train them in a new environment!

  2. I love the puppy socialisation class idea especially with the different textures and props, it would also be cool if it could help desensitise them to scary sounds too like fireworks, vacuum cleaners etc and even things like getting used to grooming like baths, nail clipping, general handling. It could be called puppy life skills to differentiate it from the vets class πŸ™‚

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