11 week old puppy off lead :D

Kasper and Rey had another walk together today. This time we extended Kasper’s longline to 8ft, and Raiden still dragged the 6ft longline behind him. I managed to take and use my camera!

Here’s the enclosed field, to the left and behind me there are fences:


And two dogs raring to go – look at the size of Kasper’s tongue!!


Kasper mooching about


Raiden mooching about XD




Happy recall 🙂


Very serious recall face hahaha


See how cool this field is for off lead work?

And here’s the little guy on the walk home…it’s so cute watching him sniff and explore things, as absolutely everything is new to him. He tried chewing nettles and brambles today, and on his first walk he got into a fight with a thistle. Puppy enthusiasm, you can’t beat it 🙂


Finally, here’s a video…I didn’t get too many clips, and they’re wobbly, but never mind. It’s cute because you can see how nicely Kasper plays with the puppy…also watch out for the bit around 1 minute 5 when Raiden gets stuck on his back 🙂

OH OH! Also, check out little fat Zoey ^__^

Okay, early 2014, weighing 10kg

Mid – late 2014, weighing 12kg

And the other day, weighing 15kg

WE’VE FINALLY DONE IT, GOOD JOB EVERYONE – ZOEY IS A HEALTHY WEIGHT 😀 Now just to keep her there and not let her gain any more…

My parents and Nana are coming up for a visit this evening, so I am very excited. I also have it planned they will get to see all our dogs out on walks (Kasp & Rey together, Zoey alone).

I sent my dad a list of instructions and asked him to print it off so everyone could read it. Basics about how / when to feed treats, how to greet the dogs etc…my dad said it sounded like ‘a military operation’ HAHAHA!


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