The first of many walks!

Today was Raiden’s first ever walk 😀


He did really well! There was not an ounce of fear; as soon as we put him on the ground he was bounding forwards like he was walking on a bouncy castle!! He did try and chew the lead once, but was easily distracted when I made his positive interrupter noise.


One of the best things (apart from the pure enjoyment he was getting from the walk) was that he would even do tricks such as sit when we were out 🙂

Kasper was wonderful, although we did discover on the walk that he has an upset tummy and was doing runny poos…so we accidentally added the stress of a puppy to his walk when he was already feeling unwell, poor lad 😦


Oh, and the most important thing in any dog’s life happened to Raiden today…he discovered cow poo 😛


“Oh my dog, what is this magical thing mummy?!”

Because Raiden was so fascinated by *everything* (it’s all new to him 🙂 ) sometimes we would lag behind, and when he realised how far away Kasper was he would sprint desperately to catch up!


A video of the event…it’s really horribly wobbly due to managing the longline, treats and huge hefty camera. The end is cute though as Raiden suddenly realises ‘OMD I AM KNACKERED’ and sits in the grass like “yeah, I’m so done…”

I am very, very tired. My sleep has been messed up for a number of months now, but in the last few weeks it has become abysmal. I don’t think it helps that as soon as I wake up in the night, even if it’s just to turn over, my nose immediately becomes really itchy, sneezy and annoying…wth is all that about? :/

Whilst my partner managed the puppy I slipped into the kitchen and prepared everyone’s last meals of the day, and Kongs to go to bed with.

L-R = Rey’s final meal of the day and his Cauliflower toy for bed; Zoey’s meal (with a nice waxy blob of coconut oil and half a carrot!) and her Kong (also plugged shut with coconut oil); Kasper doesn’t get a second meal as he’s poorly so just a Kong for him!


I’m wondering, because I thought their final food prep looked cute and actually bothered to take two photos of it…does that make me crazy(er)?

Maybe I was just proud of myself for actually accomplishing something today, instead of getting irritable and snapping at my poor (and much loved) partner… 😉


We only bought the jar of coconut oil yesterday and I’m loving it so far…before this we had a spray type, but this waxy solid stuff is useful for making Kongs harder to empty, and Zoey really enjoys chewing it!


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