11 week old puppy!

Raiden turned 11 weeks old today and we had to adjust his harness for the second time πŸ™‚

He has done much better since sleeping in the crate in the kitchen. He no longer gets upset because he can see us but can’t be with us, instead he focuses on his food filled toys and then sleeps.


This photo looks oddly glitchy because I took it through a glass door πŸ˜€

Today we carried Raiden to our local pet shop…well first we swung by the park, then we walked through town to the pet shop and he chose a toy he liked, we popped into the train station and mooched back along the shops. He said hello to two staff members at the pet shop, four (separate) women, and a mum with a young child.


We like this brand of toy as they are really soft and (apparently) fun to chew, they don’t have eyes / bits to pull off, they’re not overly squeaky AND they’re one of the cheapest stuffed toys at our pet shop!

Zoey is still behaving perfectly normally, if a little giddier than usual, which we put down to the stress of that day. We’re not doing any intro’s with her and Raiden for a few days, to let her calm down.


“I’m so happy!”

She is overjoyed to have been reassigned the pen in the living room. She pootles in and out when the door is open, and if she’s too giddy and won’t settle she’s very happy to be put in the pen with a Kong and a Nylabone.


Everyone’s enjoying their walks at the moment, even if it is still waaay too warm out there…it’s mid-September and yet it was 17*C today, whyyyy?? Our house isΒ so too warm, bleh! Which makes me ask HOW can you manage to snuggle and sleep underΒ the duvet Zoey?!

I got a wonderfully awesome photo of the little guy today, mid bark and jump!!


And finally a training video. These clips are from today, making Raiden exactly 11 weeks old in the video πŸ™‚

As you can see ‘sit’ is very much Rey’s default behaviour, which is awesome. When he jumps up, he quickly sits. When he wants something, he sits. When I walk around the garden, he follows and immediately sits when I stop. Yay!

He still knows touch, his name, lie down, in(to his crate) and a positive interrupter (ie. give me your attention). We are working on drop it, leave it, being calm around his harness (and not trying to bite, chew and tug it!!) and stay / wait.

Please excuse myΒ “Wow yay puppy omb this is the most exciting thing ever yaaay you are so good!!” voice πŸ˜‰

I took some stunning photos of Zoey today which I will post soon. Kasper is being left out haha so I’ll have to try extra hard to get a Kasper blog up too!

Hopefully we’ll be doing more stuff and I’ll be able to post more – I really want to get Zoey to the secure field at some point in the near future. This last week has been so stressful and my mood has been sucky, but hopefully (*touch wood*) we’re back on track now πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “11 week old puppy!

      • As Mrs P says 2 steps forward 1 step back, the rate I’m going I’m sure I can waltz by now, I have had a few really good days, Mrs P & Beloved actually said out loud that I might have turned the corner ..then I was a complete plum on this mornings walk, so take it from Mrs P your little troupe are doing fantastic
        Love Big Oscar x

      • Haha, huge thank you, that was so nice to read (not about you being a plum, although that did make me LOL!) πŸ˜€

      • We have worked on all the tips given us for Oscars behaviour which has REALLY improved, the mouthing is almost down to zero but now he’s changed tactics and is demanding attention by jumping up/pulling/biting the lead, oh well …but it’s so hard trying to ignore a 120lb pupster when he’s being a plum LOL

      • Hahahaha! Yep, I can imagine…Kasper was bad enough when he was under a year old, and he weighed less than 42lbs πŸ˜›

        Just back from the puppy socialisation party at the vets. It was horrible…Raiden did well in the circumstances but I suuuucked. Love coming back and reading jokey and uplifting comments, it really helps πŸ™‚

      • Sorry you came away from the puppy socialisation feeling rubbish, did Raiden get on OK ?
        Oscar was really good on the second walk of the day ..well apart from eating a road-kill flat frog, I could hear him crunching it and the legs were dandling from his mouth ..I was a great help …heaving so much I thought I was going to loose my tea !!

      • Raiden had a blast for the most part, he did really well. So at least that was a good thing πŸ˜›

        Hahahaha, dead frogs are Zoey’s favourite thing to roll on. Sometimes she gives them a chew, but she’s not much of a foodie.

        Omb you’d have died at some of the things Kasper has found (and eaten!) over the years:

        – entire lambs’ skull
        – lambs’ neck (separate time, they were many years apart)
        – entire deers’ leg!!! It was 3ft long and we actually had to get that off him XD

      • Yep…and we had real trouble getting them off him as they’re so high value and we didn’t want to make him resource guard *shakes head*

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