Meeting the family!

My parents came up yesterday to check out the new addition. When I told them about Raiden they were…less than impressed! However then they met him, and they fell in love – just as I knew they would 😉

Raiden was far too adorable to resent though; he welcomed them, he cuddled and he kissed. He performed all his tricks in front of them beautifully (touch, sit, recall, lie down and leave it) AND he even sat when they asked him to!


My dad asking Rey to sit

I think the thing that they were most impressed with was how well mannered Raiden was. For example when he was jumping up and scrabbling at my legs for the treats I was snapping up, after a few seconds he thought ‘uh oh, I’m never gonna get treats this way’, and he plonked his bum on the floor and sat waiting until I showered him with attention and treats!

He did this repeatedly throughout their visit. He would jump at them then sit quickly, try climb on the couch then sit, and watch as one of them held a toy he wanted and sit so they would throw it for him…he is SUCH a good puppy ❤


My dad rewarding Rey for being calm

Not bad for a 9 week old puppy 😀

My mum isn’t a very ‘doggy’ person (blame the fact she is highly allergic to them!!) but she was completely taken in by Raiden’s adorable puppy face and his cute tricks. Here she is snuggling him close 😉


We also went for a walk with them and Raiden whilst they were visiting, and I took them to see the garden where I get my ‘chicken fix’, as my dad is going to be buying more hens soon (plus chicken socialisation is good for Rey!).

Whilst there we chatted to the owner of the chickens and Rey got to say hello to him. They happened to have an elderly Border Terrier too!

And, lest you forget about the adult doofuses, here is happy-but-tired Kasper


And “please stop taking photos of me I am trying to sleep” Zoey XD


Oh okay, one more photo. This is Zoey, showing off how beautiful she is 😉


I love her I love her I love her; such a stupidly squishy face ❤

I’m quite backlogged with photos at the moment (ah, puppy times!) but I also have a few posts planned involving just Kasper and Zoey too, because they are just as important as the little guy 😉


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