My Nana is the best

A few days ago, just before I broke the news about Raiden on the blog, I phoned my Nana up and told her about him.

My Nana is awesome. She was over the moon; she asked questions about him, she asked how Kasper and Zoey were and she said she couldn’t wait to meet him. Then today, this arrived…


Rey’s very first piece of fan mail!

My Nana is a dog person, and I was a dog person ever since I was tiny…so we got along well 😉

She was also very hard to embarrass when I was a kid and happy to let us be. For example she had no issue walking around the town centre when I was perhaps five, with me trailing a dog lead behind me with a piece of paper or a leaf attached to the clip. That scrap was my ‘dog’, and I was taking him for a walk. My Nana didn’t care at all.

Inside the card she wrote a message addressed to Raiden, and even sent him some pocket money! I want to get him something special with it, perhaps a toy that will last. Maybe a small extreme Kong? I’m not sure, I’ll have to shop about…suggestions welcome 😀


How cute is that though? Raiden seemed happy with his card, and was excited about spending his money…well, until breakfast came along.


And yes, Birthday has been crossed out so the card reads ‘Happy New Home’ ❤

Oh god as I try and type this Kasper has just come out of his crate and is excitedly smearing himself up against me…now he has gone to look for food items to pilfer from the table, and has left a mound of hair beside me on the couch. He is seriously moulting at the moment!

Zoey has been hugely happy this past week, possibly even happier than usual. A friend commented that “she is constantly laughing…that dog just finds life hilarious!” – so true 🙂


I think she looks adorably ugly here, perhaps because her ears are missing!

Kasper has been getting meals and treats in puzzle feeders, to keep him busy and (most importantly) tired! We’ve been putting a handful of Autarky and Lukullus in his Snack ‘a’ Ball several times a day; he’s only used this puzzle feeder maybe seven times total, but it’s held up well…until today :/


It is now impressively flattened (my partner did manage to pop it mostly back into shape)

And covered in tiny little punctures…can you see where the light is shining through?


Raiden has also been experimenting with puzzle feeders. To begin with he couldn’t work out what he was supposed to do…the Zee Dog Cauliflower really frustrated him, as the hole was big enough to fit his nose in but he still couldn’t reach the goodies inside. He didn’t understand he had to chew and push the cauliflower around so they would fall out!

He also has a small Sumo (similar to a Kong, but we have found them to be half the price and even more durable!) and a Nylabone Fun ‘N Fit treat ball. The Nylabone ball was pretty useless with our older dogs (they were able to pull bits off and begin shredding it in minutes) but is holding up well against a small breed 9 week old puppy 😛


Figuring out the Sumo


Rolling the Nylabone treat ball like a pro!

A few days ago we took Rey to the supermarket and hovered outside the shop, showing him off to passersby for socialisation.

We met some lovely people. Raiden said hi to a supermarket employee, a mother and her 10 year old boy (they had a Border Terrier too!), a grandmother and her two grandchildren of about 12 and 8, and a mum with a daughter of about 4. The last little girl really loved Rey, and she was squealing and fussing him, much to Rey’s delight 🙂

Today we took Raiden to the train station, but it didn’t go very well. Not only did nobody want to say hi but there were also lots of loudmouths about…teenagers bellowing and swearing, children shrieking whilst furious parents yelled at them…not the nice gentle intro we planned. Luckily we had hotdog, but next time we will plan it better!

I’m thinking we might play train noises quietly in the house, so he becomes used to them.

In the upcoming posts I will go into more detail about how Kasper and Zoey are reacting to the baby, and will talk about Raiden’s first vet visit…let’s just say we will be switching surgeries as soon as possible!!

For now I will leave you with this short video of him training today, at 9 weeks and 2 days old. He now knows the cue for sit, lie down, touch and comes when you call his name. We are beginning to work on both leave it and drop it 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Nana is the best

    • Thank you 🙂 We’re trying hard to teach him that behaving as we want is always awesome, and that the world is a fun friendly place…which obviously means, because we have tried so hard, Rey will turn out to be more reactive / fearful than either of our other dogs hahaha!

      Ah well, however he is we will love him for it 🙂

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