Say hi little guy!

So I said I might be a little quiet, and here’s why we have been so busy: there’s a puppy in the house!


Zoey keeping a close watch on the uber exciting and incredibly adorable new addition!

I’ve been wanting to tell you all for weeks, but as it’s my dad’s birthday early September I thought I could keep the puppy a secret, and surprise them when they came up to visit.

Unfortunately they went on holiday at the same time we brought the puppy home, when they get back it’s my cousin’s birthday so they won’t come up then, and then the day after my dad’s birthday it’s *his* dad’s birthday, so they probably won’t be able to get up for a visit for weeks anyway…I mean it was a month after Father’s Day before they could get up for gifts last time 😛

So I’m just posting about the puppy, and hopefully as they’re abroad they won’t see this until they have come back off holiday and I can phone up and tell them in person!

Without further ado, please welcome Raiden (aka Rey) into the family ❤


I know I said we were thinking about getting a puppy next spring at the earliest, but we found a local breeder in our search for the ‘perfect’ puppy. This was her last litter, and she had two little boys still available. We went and met the mum, the breeder and (of course) the 5 week old fuzzbutts…and we fell in love.


How flipping adorable is this?! They were 6 weeks old in this photo

Raiden is a Border Terrier. He is 9 weeks old today, and we picked him up exactly a week ago. The breeder is a 30 minute drive away, and the little guy did so well on the journey home. He whined for five minutes in total and slept the rest of the way, curled up in the cat carrier 🙂


In the week we have had him he has had one accident in the house (a wee) and he has done everything else outside.

He seems like such an easy puppy. I know Zoey had a terrible start when she was a puppy, but omb when we compare her and Raiden it’s like night and day! Even with close supervision puppy Zoey had dozens of accidents inside!


He didn’t eat anything other than treats the first few days he was here, but I finally got him eating by mixing a tiny blob of new wet food in with his Wainwrights puppy kibble / wet food

Rey sleeps well at night, and for the past three nights he hasn’t whined at all!


Tired little booger 🙂

Zoey is absolutely thrilled to have a new baby brother…as in she is utterly in love with him. Kasper is less impressed, but calmer than his sister. He has initiated play with Raiden, but grumps if the puppy gets too close or nippy…he will be a good teacher of bite inhibition for Rey 🙂

In fact when the puppy’s harness arrived, a week before we picked Raiden up, this was Kasper’s reaction:


“Huh? What’s this mummy? Another puppy you say? I THINK NOT!!”

So far the dogs have mainly been playing through the bars of the pen, one-on-one. They each have free time too; with Kasper I sit on the couch  with both him and Raiden and they play, interact and generally get used to each other


And today Zoey and Rey had their first free-range play together, on our living room floor. They both had so much fun and Raiden slept like a log afterwards!

Honestly, Zoey is so sweet with him, it’s adorable. She lets him paw her nose and stand on her face, and she doesn’t mind when he bites her legs. We have to supervise them closely and separate if Raiden gets a bit ‘bitey’ as she won’t tell him off!

I’ll post a video of the dogs interacting soon, it’s just hard to manage a puppy, our other pups AND a camera >__<

In the week Raiden has been here he has learnt to come when called, be calm in his pram, sleep alone, toilet outside and he knows sit. He is learning to lie down on cue. He will respond to a verbal cue or a hand signal to sit, and will do so no matter how I am positioned. He will even follow the cue if he’s excited and leaping about = AMAZING!

And, um, yeah, we might have bought him a second-hand pram. But it’s only so that once he’s bigger (and heavier!) we can go on long adventures with him and not worry about him getting tired! He’s really good at being calm in the pram too, although we haven’t had him in it whilst it moves yet 😉

Finally (last thing!) we had the longest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen today. It was pouring it down for over an hour, and you could still hear thunder for an hour after that!

Of course it started just as we needed to take Raiden to the toilet, and we didn’t want him out in it in case it made him scared of rain or loud noises *sigh*

We held him in our arms for 30 minutes so he wouldn’t have an accident (he was actually pretty calm, he’s normally a wriggler!) and took him out as soon as the rain had stopped being torrential…but yeah, check out this weather!

I will try post more pics and videos soon, including some of the big pups! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Say hi little guy!

    • Haha thank you! It was so wonderful going to see the puppies when they were 5 and 6 weeks old – there were six little squirming bodies wriggling all over the place!!

      Thank you, we’re loving having him so far…I don’t know who’s enjoying him more, Zoey or us! 😀

  1. What a lovely post, I did smile at Kaspers photo of him chomping on the packaging, although he does look a tiny bit guilty, looking forward to regular updates of your fur family 🙂

    • Aww thank you 🙂 I really thought we were going to be so frazzled and busy chasing after a destructive puppy that I wouldn’t have time to do anything…as it is Raiden sleeps deeply and often, the other two are coping wonderfully and (so far!) puppyhood has been mostly really enjoyable 🙂

      I guess I just have to wait for Rey to hit 5 – 8 months old now, then the wonderful adolescence phase begins… 😉

      • Ah yes we are still going strong on the adolescent phase at 11 moths old …Oscar stole a box of eggs this afternoon …after I spent a good 10 mins wondering where the L I had put them …then the penny dropped …no eggs left 😦

      • Haha a box of eggs!! Did he eat them all? I’ve read raw eggs and even the shells can be beneficial for dogs LOL!

        We really lucked out with Zoey, she didn’t seem to have much of an adolescent stage at all…just bumbled through in her usual happy manner haha 🙂

        Kasper on the other hand was a nightmare, and it lasted for years..I wonder if it’s a boy thing?! Oh god I hope not…

      • No he left me 1 egg which was very thoughtful don’t you think ? so if they are beneficial K9 will be reaping the benefits
        Not to be outdone he’s chomped his way through half a melon this morning apparently a post breakfast snack was in order and it’s not even 9am yet !!!!
        I’m politely ignoring your comment on Kasper being a mare throughout adolescence as it can’t possibly be a boy thing ….CAN IT !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh well you can’t complain if he even thought to leave you an egg! And who can blame him, melons are indeed very tasty…tell him he’s a lucky lad, I’m not sure our two have ever tried it (pretty sure Zoey would snub it though as it’s ‘slimy’!)

        I hope it’s not a boy thing, I do not want years of arsiness with Rey hahaha…perhaps because he’s significantly smaller he will mature super-quick and it’ll just be an adolescent week as oppose to an adolescent year?!

        We had a wonderful experience last night, possibly the funniest thing ever; my partner forgot to lock the door to Rey’s pen where he sleeps overnight. Rey realised this after we’d gone to bed and must have let himself out, and the clever booger knows he can push the kitchen door open too so he had a lovely time exploring the two rooms.

        He didn’t whine or make any noises, and Zoey (who sleeps in the kitchen) didn’t whine or bark as she watched the puppy explore – I *love* that girl, she is so good! – so we didn’t know until 2am when my partner came down to toilet Rey.

        Only one scrap of cardboard had been shredded, some left over packaging from a shopping delivery. He dragged one of my shoes through to the living room and hid it under ‘his’ laptop table (hahaha) but didn’t chew it. However, the most fantastic thing, he did a poo on my partner’s new Xbox One controller – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        According to my partner it was slap bang in the middle of the controller and trailing off one side – omb how I laughed! He wishes he’d taken a photo now, but says at the time he was confused and half asleep XD

        We have giggled a lot about it, although it does take our accident total up to two…but it is pretty funny, so probably worth it 😉

        We will be double checking Rey is safely shut in at night now, for sure!

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