Lukullus Kibble

I like to vary what I feed Kasper and Zoey. They have tried several different kibbles over the years: various flavours of James Wellbeloved, Supadog Sensitive (I don’t think they sell this anymore), Autarky Summer Salmon, Skinners Duck & Rice, Lathams and a pet shop’s own brand that I don’t remember.

Kasper will eat any and all kibble, whereas Zoey is extremely picky. She would go days as a puppy turning her nose up at her kibble (James Wellbeloved puppy kibble, fish flavour), and she was skinny to begin with. We began adding everything we could in order to get her to eat; yoghurt, wet food, broth.

To this day she is fussy, and will often leave a smattering of kibble at the bottom of her bowl. We have the odd day where she will skip a meal completely, but overall she’s more eager to eat than she was as a puppy.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the dog kibble for sale on zooplus. I usually order from GJW Titmuss as they stock lots of variety at low prices, but their site was down. So instead I looked at zooplus.

I found Lukullus; it looked interesting, we were happy with the ingredients and it was a good price, so we ordered a 15kg bag.


Zoey sulked because she didn’t get to say hi to the delivery man, until I distracted her with the big cardboard box!

We went with the chicken and Northern salmon flavour, although I am excited to try the pups on both the Charolais beef & trout and the Barbary duck & lamb varieties too!


Now this kibble is really weird looking. All the kibble we’ve had before has had the same crunchiness and colour, although the size and shape of the pieces vary. This kibble is cold-pressed, apparently, and the kibble pieces almost look like gigantic versions of layers’ pellets for chickens!!


Weird huh?

We’ve had this food for maybe 2 – 3 weeks now, and I can safely say both our pups LOVE it – even Zoey!

This has never happened with kibble before. But seriously, Zoey wolfs this stuff down; she even prefers it to some of her treats.

Currently Zoey is eating Autarky Summer Salmon and JWB mixed together, and when I add a handful of Lukullus she picks those pieces out first! Once we’re out of the other stuff she’ll get an entire meal of Lukullus.

It’s so rewarding as a food that we’ve been using Lukullus as rewards during training too. And because some of the pieces of kibble are so long (a good 3cm) they’re are great for plugging up the ends of Kongs 😉

I’ve not noticed any unpleasant side-effects; no more poops than usual, no loose stools, no smelly trumps (I’m looking at you Zoey!). As a kibble we would really recommend it, and I can’t wait to see what they think of the other Lukullus flavours too.


Zoey ignoring her mix of Autarky / JWB in favour of shredding her rope toy and spreading the mess around the newly hoovered floor…


7 thoughts on “Lukullus Kibble

    • Thanks, we’re really impressed with it so far! Do you have zooplus where you live? Most shops around here sell really crappy kibble (and if they do stock good ones they’re usually super expensive), but we’ve found a few websites that stock dozens of brands, and sell them at a good price too.

      Zooplus is good because they have a few kibbles I’ve never heard of but that seem cool…Lupo Sensitive looks similar to Lukullus, if you can find that anywhere.

      • Zooplus seems to be a European store – I don’t know if they would ship to the US (let alone how much that would cost!). We do have, but they don’t have Lukullus or Lupo!

      • Bah! It’s always so annoying when you find kibble / treats / toys in another country, and there’s no way to get it to you…

        I was looking for indestructible beds for dog crates recently (I’m looking at you Zoey!) and found a few that you don’t seem to be able to get in the UK. I couldn’t find anything over here…sure there are ‘tough’ and ‘durable’ beds, but I’m willing to bet Zoey could tear one to shreds in minutes 😀

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