I am so tired -__-

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and then last night we stayed up until 4am. Doh.

We got less than six hours sleep and have been on the go all day…started with a Kasper walk, then tiring training Zoey, walking someone else’s dog, food shopping and then we have blitzed through some more cleaning. We even scrubbed the flags in the garden, and are so ready for bed now 🙂

Thankfully our big clean is almost complete. Virtually all the furniture has been shuffled in the living room. Wires have been tidied, shelves have been decluttered and reorganised, books have been gathered and taken upstairs and we’ve vacuumed the room, like, a million times…damnit Kasper, STOP MOULTING! q:


All this from one ten minute session with the brush

There’s been a major clean-up in the kitchen. Everything we were throwing out from the rest of the house got left in the kitchen, as we don’t have a wheelie bin. We’ve never had a bin with our house number on it, so we used one of the unmarked ones that nobody else seemed to use.

Then one day it disappeared, and when we tried to use the other unmarked ones, to work out which was ours, all our lovely neighbours very aggressively warned us away from ‘their’ bins *rolls eyes* We ordered a new bin from the council but who knows when we’ll get it…

So all the crap was tossed into the kitchen, and gradually we lost sight of our floor and were unable to use our kitchen sink because it involved climbing over precarious mountains of tat. Over the past few days we moved full bin bags outside, and have sifted all the loose junk into bin bags; those to throw away and those destined for charity shops.

These are the bags for the bin, which are currently in our shed until said bin arrives


We’ve done lots of training with Zoey, including balance work of course! We even let her and Kasper have a brief, gentle(ish) play session in the bedroom today. No signs of limping so tonight we’re gonna try give her a short walk (oh god, wish us luck…).

Photos from yesterday


Zoey can flyyyyyy!


This is the face of concentration!


Zoey sticks her tongue out at me whilst my back is turned

And finally her new trick, saying her prayers 😀 (back legs upright and straight, front legs flat out in front of her on the cushions)


I uploaded a video from today too…balance work and the prayers trick in action, plus we do some handling training.

I started teaching her a chin rest a few days ago, so she’s doing really well with that. She already recognises the verbal cue / hand signal and keeps her head extremely still…funny thing is I’m teaching the same behaviour to Kasper, but he likes me to hold my palm up in front of him, and he moves to put his chin on it 🙂

We do a few lip lifts so I can check her teeth too…she doesn’t mind me doing this so much, and I can hold her lip up for quite a long time. Kasper is much fussier, so we have to go so slooooowly!

I might not be blogging as much after tomorrow as we are going to be super busy (will expand on this later), but I will be about and will post when I can 🙂


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