Zoey balances *pic heavy*

We did some more balance work with Zoey today, using the couch cushions of course 😀 When we first let her out of the pen she hid under the table, because she thought we were going to put her harness on for a walk…I was met with this very concerned face hahaha!


However once I stacked the cushions up she came sprinting out and dived onto them – I can safely say she’s a fan of this training game 🙂

I think I said in my other post that basically I just click & treat her for any interaction she has with the cushions, I don’t give her ANY cues / instructions at all. So…


Jumping on = c/t


Lying down = c/t


Sitting = c/t


Waving a paw = c/t

Once she’d offered a few behaviours on the cushions, I would wait until she did something else and then throw the treat across the room, to reset her position. (my partner, who claims to be terrible at taking photos, took most of these awesome snaps btw! 🙂 )

Look at the concentration on her face – she hadn’t had a walk in a week yet she was so able to concentrate and loved what she was doing ❤


Those ears! That face!


Getting ready to chase a treat


The one and only thing I did encourage her to do was lean fowards to a treat in my fingers, whilst keeping all four paws on the cushions. From what I’ve read this movement is supposed to be really good for them (dogs) and strengthening muscles.


Finally my partner took this photo as I was refilling the treat bag. THIS is why I love working with my dogs, because look how bloody happy she is. She is engaged, having fun, motivated and enjoying herself…I couldn’t ask for any more 🙂


What a smile!

I have a few more photos to share…some of them are slightly goofier and there are a couple of the new trick we are working on, which I’ll post in the next blog. Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Zoey balances *pic heavy*

    • I think Zoey would try any exercise by this point, even if it involved walking in the rain…she’s coped fantastically with a week off walks, but I can’t wait to get her out again! 😀

  1. Awwwwwwwwwww what a super star, put a little ruff around her neck, you in a clown suit and take your ‘act’ onto the street …as a busker she’ll make you loads of money with that cute face .

    • Hahaha thanks 🙂 There would have to be a sign saying ‘please watch our act with discretion’ though…when Zoey notices people paying her attention she likes to leap madly, kiss their faces and possibly even nibble their fingers. Maybe that would add to the crowd’s experience though?!

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