The sad and the good

I know this is a dog blog but our little bunnyboy Iden has died 😦

We went to let him out for his usual run around the garden, and he was dead. We saw him 24 hours before and he was fine…but then he was gone. No injuries, no acting odd, nothing. Poor baby, rest in peace bunbun ❤

The good news – Zoey hasn’t limped at all today. This morning however, as soon as my partner took Kasper out for his walk, she went crazy!

For half an hour she flung her toys into the air, then sprinted to pounce on them. She leapt up and down off the furniture, dived from the bed to Kasper’s footstool and back again. We wrestled and played one of her favourite games, where I hide under the duvet and Zoey has to ferret her way in!

We both love this game; it has me in peals of laughter, especially when Zoey explodes under with frantic kisses and scrabbly claws. I get covered in scratches, but it’s worth it 🙂

Anyway, after about 30 minutes of exuberant play I calmed her down by putting her antler halfway into her Kong (this really bugs her and she just HAS to get it out!). Even after the frantic play and the running she didn’t limp at all yaaaaay!

Now to Kasper. I found a brush that actually works for him – it’s an old hairbrush!


This is how much hair came off with the first brush

I’ve tried numerous pet brushes over the years, and none have been effective at getting the hair off him and leaving him looking well groomed. When I found an old hairbrush the other day I thought I’d give it a try…it was awesome!

I brushed him three times in one day and every time I got a handful of hair off him 😀


This was how much I got off by the third brush!

Kasper loves being brushed. When we adopted him at 9 months he was very scared, and would bat the brush away and chew it. We did a lot of counter conditioning and, when Kasper was two years old, my dad was round our house and picked up the dog brush; Kasper ran and sat at his feet, swooshing his tail expectantly!!

After his thorough grooming he looks sooo good though; all sleek and shiny! ❤



8 thoughts on “The sad and the good

  1. I’m sooo sorry about your rabbit 😦
    On the other hand great news about Zoey’s non limp
    Kasper is looking super handsome after his brushing, I was having trouble finding a brush for K9 I groomed him yesterday with a wide toothed comb which did just the job,

    • Thanks…it’s always grim when you go to play with a pet and they’re gone unexpectedly 😦

      Thank you! I made sure to get some photos of Zoey doing balance work today (will get a video when it’s bright enough!) so I’ll post them asap 😀

  2. So sorry about your rabbit.

    Glad to hear Zoey is better and I use a human brush sometimes too. In fact Stitch has a brush collection…. 😉

    When Stitch gets brushed I could stuff a mattress I think.

    • Thank you 🙂 Hahaha Kasper has a brush collection too! Although he only has four so far, but still that’s not bad XD

      See I’ve never managed to get much hair off Kasper when I brush him, which I knew wasn’t right because he moults all the time…then I used a hairbrush and it was coming off in handfuls!

  3. Sorry to hear about the rabbit. It’s sad when things like that happen.
    But good news about Zoey’s limp. Must have been a pulled muscle. Good thing you saved your $$ on that vet bill.
    We’re coming in to spring at the moment, so we have animal hair everywhere.
    Best hair removal tool I have, is a rubber mitt.
    It is made for horses, but works in everyone, from the horse to the cat.
    It’s great, as any loose hair sticks to it.

    • Thanks. Oh man, it’s times like this when I’m glad I waited before taking her to the vet haha – think how much it would have cost! Initial consultation fee, any meds / bandages, follow-up(s)… *phew* 🙂

      Moulting is such a pain haha! I vacuumed the floor two days ago, and the very next day the floor was disgustingly hairy…thanks dogs!!

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