Zoey update and thank you Nylabone!

Another day of staying indoors with a bored, noisy Staffy pup…but the good news? Huge improvement in her limp again! Yaaaaay 🙂

Today we’re gonna try and have her out the pen a little, but if she starts running around, leaping on and off the furniture or being a nuisance, I’m afraid it’s straight back into the pen.

Already when we take Zoey out to the garden to go to the toilet, she trots back through the living room afterwards and puts herself right back into the pen = awww 😦


“Huh? What do you mean I’m allowed out?”

Thankfully we got a helping hand through the post today!


A few months back we bought Zoey a dinosaur shaped Nylabone that was marketed as being suitable for dogs up to 23kg, however Zoey tore chunks off it within a few hours. I contacted the company and sent them a photo. We have had dozens of Nylabones over the years, and they have all lasted months at a time, apart from the dinosaur one!

Nylabone apologised profusely and said they would send us some freebies –  we were so excited, and today we got a box in the mail! Not one, not two, but THREE Nylabones – and they were all huge too! Their RRP in total is £50, so thank you so much Nylabone for sending us them, we really appreciate it 🙂

We were super excited about the Galileo as we’ve wanted to buy one for such a long time! Unfortunately Zoey doesn’t like starting most Nylabones herself *eye roll* she prefers them once Kasper has already had a gnaw and they are slightly chewed.


She did pounce on the big bone one though, and I’ll bet she’ll love the Nylabone with a treat in it…we’re saving that one until she’s especially bored 😉


This should keep her quiet for a while…

And here’s a video of her opening up her new chew toys and goofing about with them…not much limping going on 😀

Cheers Nylabone, you rock!


6 thoughts on “Zoey update and thank you Nylabone!

    • Glad Sammie has given it a good review, nobody here seems to like it yet! Zoey doesn’t usually chew smooth-ended Nylabones until Kasper has given them a bit of a gnawing though, so hopefully that will help…just wish Kasper was in a chewy mood!!

      I was really excited when I saw we had a Galileo too, I think they look awesome!

      • She chews up both ends of the regular Nylabones so quickly that we have to throw them away after a few months (the ragged edges would cause her gums to bleed). With this one, she’s only worked on one end, so it will last her a LOT longer yet.

      • Ha it’s funny you mention that, Zoey only ever chews one end of Nylas too (if you offer her the other end to chew she refuses XD )! Even Kasper prefers one end, although he does sometimes chew both.

        Kasper gave the Galileo a brief gnaw (he has decided he is far too bored to play with toys though, despite the fact he is getting walks as normal *sigh* ) and licked it when I smeared PB on it hahaha…I’m pretty sure he’ll give it a bash soon, probably in bed as that’s his usual chewing time.

    • Haha thanks! Normally she would have been going crazy for new toys, but I think by this point she is fed up with any and all toys 😀

      Still seems to be enjoying them though. Her favourite is the one that can hold a treat, even with no treat in she enjoys chewing it!

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