Zoey Limp-a-lot

Why is it dogs tend to get injured at the worst possible times? 😦

Today I am calling on other dog owners for your doggy knowledge, so if you could read this post and answer the questions at the end, that would be AMAZING.

Okay, now here’s the scenario…

Kasper is our “always gets injured” dog (although he is doing surprisingly well at the moment – maybe that’s why Zoey felt the need to take over?); he has had major tummy upsets, dozens and dozens of gashes and grazes, a cut artery and several cases of random limping that has disappeared within a few days.

Zoey, however, is very rarely ill or injured. She has been properly sick (as in vomiting more than once) two or three times in her life, cut her head once as a puppy and nicked a paw on some glass about a year ago. That is it.

So yesterday when she started limping on her front right leg, I became super stressed…all me and my partner did yesterday was stress, worry, research limping in dogs and fret. I am the King of worrying, especially when it comes to my partner or our pups.


Of course she has managed to hurt herself when we had some really fun, all-day hikes planned too…

The two worst things about having dogs is that 1) they can’t tell you what hurts or how they did it, and 2) there is so much conflicting info out there.

Most places said wait a few days, and see if the limp goes away / improves – if not: vet. Some places said sprains and strains can take ten days to recover, so give it a week. And some places said as soon as a dog limps take them to the vet immediately.

Zoey can (and does) put weight on her leg, which as far as we’ve read is a good sign. She hasn’t yelped, whined or whimpered at all. There are no cuts or lumps on her leg / joints / toes / webbing / paw. It doesn’t hurt when we move, meddle or touch anywhere. And of course, because she’s an idiot, she is still bounding about sporadically trying to play, until we stop her *groan*

We’ve put her on majorly restricted exercise. As in, out to the garden to go to the toilet, and be still in the house. As you can imagine, she just loves that!!

I haven’t seen her walk about out of bed yet, so I can’t comment on if the limp looks any better today.


Finally managed to keep her still with three Nylabones and an antler…

(ETA we have moved downstairs and the limp seems significantly better – it’s still obviously there, but it is improved. It could be because it’s early on in the day still, but oh well, fingers crossed!)

We’ve set up a pen downstairs (5.5x3ft) which will prevent her from galloping around madly. She can also have a few toys and her crate in there to keep her happy, as Kasper will be separated by the pen walls so no chance of him resource guarding.


Zoey in the restricted area 🙂

Would you take her to the vet? How long would you give it? How can we tire her out without her walking or running (she is already bouncing off the walls a little)? Any extra advice? It’s much appreciated 🙂


16 thoughts on “Zoey Limp-a-lot

  1. You say she is bearing weight and it seems to have improved overnight. I think you are handling it just fine. Monitor and restrict strenuous activity.

    Such a worry when they get hurt. 🙂

    • THANK YOU! 🙂

      Oh man tell me about it, I get SO worried when one of them is injured…and of course keeping a bouncy 2 year old Staffy on crate rest is never going to be fun, is it?! 🙂

  2. I’d give her a week or so.
    My Staffy, Leo, went through a time of limping at random intervals. We could not for the life of us, work out what had happened. It took a vet trip to learn he had pulled a muscle, likely find while playing with the other dog. When Leo plays, he goes all out!
    We also had the other dog limping a few times too.

    Pulled muscles take a fair while to heal, but they aren’t in any obvious pain, and as you’ve discovered, it’s very hard to get them to rest, which they need to do to let it heal.
    I also found putting a heat pack on him regularly seems to ease the limping somewhat.
    Best of luck!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long reply. After some of the places I’ve asked for advice in the past I was worried about posting on my blog and admitting that Zoey had been limping for a day but hadn’t been to the vet yet…

      Zoey has done really well in the pen we set up today, she’s only whined a handful of times, bless her…we’ve been rotating her toys every few hours to try keep her interested, and she’s had five Kongs with various fillings…it’s horrible when dogs are injured!

      Thank you for the help and good luck vibes, it is much appreciated 🙂

      • I own several different animals, and if I rushed them to the vet at the first sign of injury, I’d be broke! A visit to the vet is not cheap, so I want to be certain it is actually necessary first.
        If they are in visible distress, yep, that’s a vet job.
        But for smaller things like this, I prefer to give it some time, as the vet is only going to tell you to do what you’re doing anyway.

      • Yes, exactly! It just seems whenever I join a forum to ask for advice, it’s always “VET IMMEDIATELY!”…I feel like we’d be at the vet everyday XD

        We used to have a really good vet when we lived in Stoke, in that we would phone them when Kasper was ill / injured, and if he didn’t need a vet visit they wouldn’t just tell you to make an appointment so they’d get more money. We phoned them up several times when a forum told us to vet Kasper ASAP, and every time they said it wasn’t needed, and to give it a few more days. Wish there were more vets like that about 🙂

      • I think applying some common sense is the way to go. If the animal is not in pain and otherwise healthy, I don’t see the point in forking out the consult fee, only to be told they need rest. My bet is that Zoey will be fine in a few days time, and you’ll have saved yourself some money. If not and you decide she needs the vet, no harm has been done, as she hasn’t been running around on it or anything. Keep us posted on developments.

      • Yes, I kinda lost a little faith in vets when we took Kasper in because he was being sick in the mornings. We eventually discovered ourselves that it was hunger pangs (he was a skinny ‘teenager’ at the time); the vet didn’t have a clue what was wrong with him, yet gave him three different injections and told us to starve him for 24 hours…that of course made it worse.

        Anyway, I asked what the injections were. The vet said one was an anti-biotic, one was anti-sickness and he didn’t even know what the third one was for!!! He had just injected Kasper with a colourful liquid and didn’t know why *headdesk*

        I respect what vets do, and I am glad they are there to help when our pets need it most…but I don’t agree with the extreme costs, the fact some vets know nothing about animal behaviour, and that they often give out terrible behavioural / nutritional advice. Most vets know very little about dog nutrition or behaviour; a friend’s vet advised them to use a choke chain on an 8 week old puppy and “yank” him if he reached the end of the lead *cringe*

        Thank you, and I will keep you posted 🙂

  3. I agree with the previous comments. Just keep an eye on her, and as long as there are no other symptoms, it might just need patience. I assume you’ve checked her pads thoroughly…

    • Huge thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts, we really appreciate it!

      Yes I checked all over her paws…including the nails (Kasper tore a nail a few times and they really made him limp!) and between the toes. Couldn’t find anything though, and she didn’t react to me meddling…hopefully it will clear up with restricted movement, but I feel so sorry for her!

  4. I would do just what you are doing and give it a few more days. Max had a limp for about 3 days and then he was fine. He wasn’t crying and was putting weight on it. I was going to call the vet on the fourth day but he was fine. It would be easier on us if they could just say, “Don’t worry – it’s just a little sore and I’ll be fine in a day or two.” LOL

    • Thank you, it’s awesome to hear of miraculous recoveries! XD

      Ugh I know…I just wish they could tell us where it hurt, or what kind of pain it was – it would be SO helpful!! I also wish I knew how she’d done it…I can think of a few “could have been then” moments, but let’s face it there are plenty of those every day 😛

  5. Sounds like you’re handing it perfectly! I just read your reply above and with what I’m going thru right now too (Karma’s dental surgery) I’m just going crazy wondering how much pain she’s in and wishing she could just tell me if I’ve done enough or even done the right thing?? Hopefully with Zoey it’s just something minor that will quickly heal with the TLC you’re giving her! 🙂

    • Thank you! Oh god it’s so horrible when they’re in pain, and there’s so much conflicting information out there about what you should / shouldn’t do…I hope Karma is doing okay?

      Zoey’s limp seems even better today, in fact it’s not even that noticeable…can’t wait until we can let her run around and have fun again!

      • It feels like Zoey has been confined for ages when it’s only been six days, I think. I can’t wait until we can both get out of the house again haha, thank you!

        Oh your poor baby 😦 I hope she feels 100% soon, give her some gentle love from us.

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