The agricultural show

I promised I’d post photos from the agricultural show we went to last week, so here they be!

We got to the show’s visitor car park (so the cars of the exhibitors were not included) and it was SO busy – there were cars as far as the eye could see! I tried to get a few photos, but they didn’t really show the enormity of it


Once inside though the show was pretty well laid out, and it never felt too packed or busy. There were several rows of stalls selling all sorts, ranging from toys, cheese, chocolate and food to eat there and then.


I really enjoyed the chicken tent (as I always do 🙂 ). They had some wonderful little Silkies, a few frizzles and the sweetest (and most humongous) Buff Orp I’ve ever seen!


This boy was very pretty too


And I always enjoy looking at the different coloured eggs…I am helping my dad find a variety of hens for his next flock of chickens, and he really wants one girl that will lay unusually coloured eggs. I love the really dark brown ones and the blue / green ones.


There were so many sheep (I think it said over 400). One was really PO with the sheep in the pen next to him, and kept running and butting the fence as hard as he could…I actually thought he was going to break the fence down! I got a video, so will post it when I actually get around to uploading it…!


Furious sheep on the right

Sheep are so cute 🙂


The cow tent was an eye opener as I had never realised quite how big bulls were!! Honestly, they were easily bigger than our couch. I’ve never really been up close to a bull before…plenty of cows, but the closest I’ve come to a bull was when I used to walk home from school as a teenager, and one would chase me up the field!!!


We had a break halfway through the day and sat on the grass for some lunch. Our friend took a bite of the cheese wheel we bought him, and then him and my partner bought a gross olive salad and some weird fennel things >__<



But the very best thing about the show, for me, were all the different dogs I got to see! Not only did people bring their own dogs, but there was even a dog show so I got to meet some really weird and wonderful breeds…is this an Italian Spinone?!


I spoke with people owned by Tibetan Terriers, Border Terriers, Poodles, Bedlington Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, all sorts…I was in heaven!


And we even saw some Rhodesian Ridgebacks! They were busy getting ready, so I only managed to snap a terrible photo as we were walking past for our friends over at Marking Our Territory 😀


It was a good day, the only disappointment was that there were no pigs!

We’re off on another trip with our friend today. I don’t know where we’ll end up, but I’ll be sure to take my camera 🙂


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