Zoey the forgotten

I said I would post about Zoey a few blogs ago, but then I was distracted by telling you all our secret puppy plans. We have chosen a breed BTW: the Border Terrier (met a litter of 5 week old Border Terrier puppies from a superb breeder yesterday – oh the adorableness!!), and the post before that was Kasper’s big walk, I think…so here’s some Zoey business, just in case you were about to forget about her 😉

There’ll also be a future post about the agricultural show we went to. It was fantastic, there were lots of different farm animals AND lots of dogs – not to mention a mechanical bull that our friend rode! The dog show was wonderful though, as I got to talk to all the owners of the breeds we were considering (this was before we had chosen a Border Terrier).

Anyway, wonderful Zoey 🙂



This is a joke present I got my dad for father’s day…father’s day was actually on June 21st 2015, but my parents didn’t make it up for a visit until 31st July, so he only just got them. I think this was his favourite gift by far 😀

And I’ll post a video below, but here’s what’s on it:

The Buster Cube (our thoughts) – in some ways the Buster Cube is wonderful; it is very big and holds a lot of kibble, and it seems robust so far. It has been flung into walls, scratched, nommed and thrown across concrete and it’s barely got any scratches. It’s also not particularly easy, unlike if you put kibble in a Kong or one of the hollow plastic ball feeders, yet it’s not so difficult that Zoey (v. impatient pup!) gets bored.

The not so good: I don’t know if it’s just our Buster Cube and it’s broken, but we can’t get take out the central ‘bit’ inside the hole, to clean the Cube or empty it out. We just cannot get it out! I have no idea how we’ll manage cleaning :/ Due to the material the cube is also very noisy and rattley. Finally, because the sides are virtually smooth, it’s hard for the dogs to get purchase if they knock it about with the paws. You can see that from the video.

Overall, we rate the Buster Cube 2.5 out of 4 paws

Also in the video you see Zoey leaving a really stinky (aka high value) treat that she had never had before because I make the positive interrupter noise – WHAT A GOOD GIRL!! At the time I totally thought she was going to ignore me (Kasper would have!) but nope, she came straight away!

Finally around 2:30 you can see the progress we have made in playing tug…Zoey has never played with toys and a human at the same time, so this is interesting.

In the process of teaching her to play with us, I am also teaching her manners. She has to sit and wait for the release cue (“get it!”) before we begin, and drop it when asked. She’s doing great (that was our first training session 🙂 ) and I think she’s enjoying herself.

So here is the little hooligan generally having fun…

I am also also teaching both dogs to ring a bell with their paw. No reason, I just remembered we had a bell that came with an old board game! As ever, Zoey seemed to cotton on to what I wanted faster than Kasper (why do people think Staffordshire Bull Terriers are stupid?!), but they both excelled 🙂 (watching it back the video quality is terrible, I apologise!)

Enjoy the weekend everybody 🙂



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