Now for the boring beach photos

So in the previous blog I shared our adventure with Kasper, where we walked along the beach and let him run free in the secure field. Still an awesome day to look back on 🙂

Anyway, I promised the landscape photos, so here they be – just click to enlarge them!

The beach we walk along is a grass beach, and I didn’t think about how odd this is until somebody else mentioned it. None of the beaches around here are your typical sandy beaches, they’re either covered in rocks of varying sizes, or are grassy. There is a sandy beach in town a bus ride away, but that sand is actually imported!!


I really wanted to dive into the water and go swimming, I LOVE paddling…was very jealous of Kasper who got to do just that 😛


We were a little nervous that once we rounded the corner (after a 45 minute walk) there wouldn’t be enough land to continue, and we’d have to turn and go back…thankfully we were in luck and we made it along the edge 🙂


Damn sheep exciting Kasper…


Finally we were on solid ground again! (seriously, look at these amazing views :O )


Kasper got to be on his longline almost the entire way along the shore…the only time we shortened his lead was by the escaped sheep!

And a photo of the field featuring Kasper and my partner, both exhausted 🙂


I have some videos of Zoey to post at some point. We’re working on some new things, and I am trying to get her interested in tug of war, whilst at the same time teaching her manners (ie. wait for the ‘get it’ cue, drop it when asked etc).

Now Zoey has never been interested in playing with toys AND a human, but she’s actually doing really well and seems to be enjoying herself. Well, hopefully!

Finally tomorrow we should be going to an agricultural show, if we can find a way to get there and if I’m feeling okay…I’ve been a bit under the weather today. So no doubt I will take my camera and post some photos from that too 🙂


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