A big, tiring hike

We’ve had a busy day today, my legs are sooo tired!

First we let Idie-bun out to soak up some sunshine. He is eventually going to be able to roam the garden, but for now there are a few small gaps between the fence and his run, and we don’t want him getting stuck there!!


Then, once the dogs had been walked and were busy emptying Kongs in their crates, we went and met up with our friend. We spent quite a lot of money on our last day out with him, so today we decided to have an ‘as cheap as possible’ day.

The weather was glorious so we walked along the beach (click to enlarge pics!)


Looking back


The path ahead

There were plenty of sheep on the beach with lambs almost the size of them. The farmers around here don’t seem to mind if their sheep escape, which is scary as the sheep often wander to places where dogs are walked off lead.


We found a really wide channel of sea; it was only about a foot deep at the edges, but it looked pretty deep toward the middle. I said we should go swimming there before the summer is over 😀


Four miles later and we hit the next village! We passed this horse in a field that pulled the goofiest face


Then we left the beach and walked up a long (long long long!) path to the main road. Honestly, we were walking for about half an hour just to get to the main road. Once we hit the road we followed it for about twenty minutes until we reached the boarding kennels in the next village over.

As you know, for various reasons, Kasper and Zoey are walked on lead. I have been madly searching for a secure field to rent, and someone kindly replied to an ad I posted and said this nearby boarding kennels had a secure field they rented out! It is £5 for 30 minutes, and today we went to check it out.

The field is GREAT! It’s a really good size (not tiny but not too big), the grass is really well maintained and the fences look really secure. It is perfect, I cannot wait to take Kasper and Zoey there to run about off lead – I am SO excited!! I think the staff member showing us around the field thought I was a little strange how excited I got XD

Now we just need to try and get a lift there and back…

Once we had checked out the field we bought some food and ate it on the beach. This was really poignant as almost exactly five years ago me and my partner bought the same food and ate it at the same beach – how soppy is that?! We’d only been going out a year at the time 😀

Instead of walking home back along the beach, we joined the canal and followed that all the way back to our village. There was a weird floating docking station that we could climb and walk on, which wobbled crazily. Our friend dunked his feet in the canal as they were muddy from paddling, and a parent swan dived into the water and swam across to charge him, despite the fact the cygnets were nowhere near us…damn swans :/


Just before heading back to our village we stopped at a supermarket and bought some food in, so we didn’t have to leave the house other than to walk the dogs tomorrow! I waited on the bench outside whilst they shopped, I was so tired…look what my partner came out with ❤


They’re actually really bright, I will post some colour photos in the next post

By the time we were back home me and our friend had walked twelve miles, and my legs were seriously aching. My partner has walked significantly more thanks to the dog walks he did this morning, too. *yawn* I think we’re both ready for bed 🙂

And, because the pups have been neglected somewhat on the blog, here they are from this morning. We were bringing a RUB down to give to bunnygruff in his run, and I asked Zoey to get in it. She was having none of it, so Kasper dived off the couch and jumped in it himself…look how damn pleased with himself he is hahaha!



7 thoughts on “A big, tiring hike

    • Awww bless him! Poor boy 😉

      If I leave the house the pups get really upset; Kasper is hyper-alert for my return and Zoey whines constantly and walks around all droopy…they’re not used to me leaving them with their daddy 🙂

    • Haha thanks! Kasper was so pleased with himself because he made me laugh…laughing is so important to him; if somebody laughs he will repeat whatever he did over and over 🙂

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