Upgrades all round!

Today we moved our rabbit-in-training outside. He had been living in an XXL dog crate, with 4-6 hours play time a day, split between the garden and the living room. We had been wanting to move him outdoors, where he would have more room and it would be easier to let him free-range in the garden too.

I should add here that neither me or my partner are good at DIY…in fact we are terrible! We have spent the last few weeks wondering how to go about building a run, and today we just went for it!

We used an old 3×2 foot crate and attached it to Kasper’s 4×2.5 foot crate. The larger one was to be the bunny’s “indoor” house area, where his litter tray, food and sleeping compartment will be. The outdoor area would be his run.


We needed the side facing the garden to a) have a door for access, and b) be solid so the pups couldn’t see (and obsess over) the rabbit!


“Mummy I wouldn’t obsess over the rabbit, I would just calmly lie next to it like this”…yeah sure, Kasper…

We didn’t have cable ties, so had to tie everything with twine! We didn’t have any roofing material, so had to make do with what we have. And we didn’t have fencing for the side, so we had to use mats that were originally bought for the bottom of crates! We will buy roofing and cable ties tomorrow 🙂


Kasper making sure I am doing everything right 😀

Kasper stayed out most the time we were constructing, whereas Zoey was banished indoors for being a huge pain in the arse. She was very upset about this.

Kasper took part in some back yard agility as we worked


And finally it was time to move bunnyboy across, yay! It took him 30 minutes to build up the courage to go into the run, but he has been sunbathing ever since 🙂


We are going to put new flags on the inside so he doesn’t have to walk on wire

I’m not going to let him free-range in the garden for a day or two, so he can get used to his surroundings and view them as ‘home’.

And here’s the completed (well, for now) enclosure. It may only be temporary, but it’s not bad for an entirely free project and one that was all completed in one day! The side door is the segment behind and to the left of the plastic box in the pic, and the barriers only cover the front…the rest of the run gets airflow and light 🙂


Photo of Kasper on the plastic box for size comparison:


Bunny Gruff handled the move okay, but was grumpy for the first twenty minutes in his new home. He’s in the run nibbling veggies and chewing an alfalfa toy now though 🙂

And because the rabbit stole Kasper’s crate, this meant Kasper got the rabbit’s, which is even bigger than his last one! In fact it’s the biggest crate I’ve ever found for sale and is SO high…Kasper is one happy boy 🙂


The door is open here, he’s just chillin’ 🙂


To think the first crate we got him, which he used for over three years, was a foot shorter and much lower than this one!!


2 thoughts on “Upgrades all round!

    • Hahaha Kasper wandered straight into the crate and looked at me like “this is what you want, right mummy?!”

      Thank you 🙂 Bunny Gruff is a pretty grumpy boy, but I think he’s enjoying it…at least he was enjoying his outdoor run until it started raining today XD

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