Sharing, flying and exploring

I told a friend that I would post a photo of Kasper and Zoey sharing the princess tent…and then I forgot!

Well, here it is now πŸ™‚

For anyone who doesn’t know, Kasper hates snuggling with Zoey, whereas Zoey would love to snuggle. So the fact that Kasper went into the tent when Zoey was in there, settled down and snoozed for ten minutes is amazing


Then I got some rather spectacular photos of Zoey. First of all being an over-excited pleb, and preparing to leap at my face with love…


And then, yep, soaring through the air towards me at 100mph. I love when she does this πŸ™‚


Now THAT is the cutest face ever!

We also moved our three male gerbils from their reinforced 2ft x 1ft Critter’s Choice tank (I DO NOT recommend this cage, our previous gerbs chewed through the lid within a month of being in there, and the tank cost us over Β£70…) into a Mamble cage, which measures 100cm x 54cm x 64cm.

We have given them a 2ft x 1ft digging box, with 10 inches of substrate too, as gerbils need to be able to dig…I present to you: happy gerbils πŸ™‚

Kenny is the black gerbil, Ed is the blonde and white runty guy, and Murphy is the Burmese boy.

And Zoey noticed the gerbils for the first time. Oh no!



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