Yesterday (or maybe the day before, time has no meaning at the moment) my partner caught the train into town on his own, to do some shopping. It shouldn’t seem like such a big deal, but he cares for me 24/7, so we’re never really apart unless I am stable.

At the moment my sleep has been so, so messed up. For two days I won’t sleep, at all. The third or fourth I might sleep a total of five hours, and then the fifth I’ll sleep twelve hours straight.

Well, it was one of those “I’m going to sleep at least 10 hours” days, so my partner woke me up, told a very woozy me where he was going, left a note, and was back hours before I woke up.

I imagine it felt very strange to be him, and be out somewhere busy alone. Every now and then, when I’m doing okay, he will nip out for twenty minutes to our nearby shop, but otherwise we are always a pair. He was very sweet though, and when he came back he had bought me flowers!!


I love flowers. I really, really love them. I can always appreciate their beauty, no matter how badly I am doing. They were a complete surprise, which is always fun, and I really enjoy photographing flowers…I dunno, something about the colours and the shape of the petals. It’s good 🙂


It does unfortunately mean I am spamming the blog with flower photos today…sorry! You can click any pic to enlarge , and there are some ‘dog + flowers’ ones at the end 😀


Apparently this was a ‘Bubblegum’ bouquet of flowers, which I thought made them sound adorable!


I love the bobbly ones – what the heck in the world are they?! And the yellow, red and pink flowers went together really well. I haven’t edited the colours on these photos at all – the flowers really were that bright!


Zoey was extremely interested in the flowers, we’ve probably never had flowers in the house since we brought her home! She was so interested that the first time we introduced her to the princess tent, she ignored it in favour of getting wildly excited about the flowers XD


Zoey sitting next to the flowers and not, as I expected her to, chewing them to pieces


And Kasper was able to pose next to them very easily; the orange flowers almost matched his new harness too!


Big thanks to my partner. We go through some tough times, but he is always wonderful. He tries his hardest to make things better and he is always there to fight for me. He is currently asleep on the couch (his sleeping pattern has been greatly affected by mine) so I am dedicating this post to him and saying thank you sweetheart  ❤




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