World’s happiest Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These past few days it has been around 28*C where we live, warmer in the sun. Blegh blegh belgh!

Today we had to walk Zoey in the day as we were supposed to be going somewhere this evening (thanks for ruining that Bipolar…). This involved venturing out into the heat.

We only planned to walk Zoey for fifteen minutes, but there were some absolute morons walking two aggressive Springer Spaniels in the field we had to walk through to get home. Despite there being a sign on the gate saying to keep dogs to the footpath under close control, these Springers were off lead running everywhere. There was no way around the field and no way we could walk through it with those dogs loose. Great.

We were trapped for about five minutes, which is a long time to be stood doing nothing in the heat. When we got back, Zoey was soooo warm. We took her out into the garden and I coaxed her into the paddling pool…she was so hot that every time she left the pool she realised how warm she was and jumped back in!

I sloshed water on her back and belly, and she grinned and wagged at me. Cutie 🙂

Then, once she was a little cooler, this happened!


She began digging the water and chomping at the waves, it was *so* cute! And really helped cool her down too 😉

She happily sloshed in the water for about ten minutes, by which time she was at a comfortable temperature, and then we brought out Kasper’s honking pig toy to play with. Video of the madness, from splashy fun to evidence that pigs can fly:

(keep an eye out for when Zoey flings the pig and my partner plucks it from the air, ninja-style!)

“Me mummy? I wasn’t playing in the paddling pool!”


Once she had finished playing Zoey was sodden. Because we don’t bathe our dogs (unless they really, really need it) and we can’t walk Zoey in the rain because she’s scared of it, I never realised how cute she looks when she’s wet! (click pics to enlarge)



After all the fun we did some bobbing for dental chews in the washing up bowl. This encouraged Zoey to dig at the water again, so I began marking and rewarding the beahviour. Within seconds she was offering it repeatedly; my partner could not believe how quickly she made the connection that Behaviour A results in B…I told you she was clever 😛

When Zoey was digging reliably I started adding distance, and she began to choose whether to dig in the paddling pool or the washing up bowl. It was fun. Within no time I should be able to build up the amount of digging before the reward. If I can get her to dig with both paws I have an easy way to wear her front nails down!!

And after that it was time to look pretty and chomp on daddy’s hand 🙂

(yes, Zoey is allowed to do this. Unlike young Kasper she has a pretty soft mouth; we rough ‘n’ tumble using her teeth and our hands all the time. I even play tug of war using my fingers, and if I whisper ‘drop it’ she does. Some people don’t agree with their dogs’ teeth touching human skin, that’s fine, we did that with Kasper. However I have found this method very helpful for extremely mouthy puppies / young dogs = awesome bite inhibition!)



PS – I mentioned in my last post we were buying Zoey a Nervous Vest Harness. We did and it arrived. Despite the fact that Zoey’s neck should fit the measurements, the head hole is so small it doesn’t fit over her head. Like, seriously, wtf?

This is after the company assured me that plenty other Staffies had bought and were wearing the same product – realistically how many Staffies are smaller than Zoey, who is 11kg?! I’ll be doing a proper rant (sorry: review) on this later…for now, avoid this company, especially if you want a harness for a Bull breed.

I have not emailed them about it yet, I am too pissed off and want to ask around if anyone would be able to adjust it.


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