There’s sludge on my nose, and I am evil…

On Zoey’s pre-bed walk the day before yesterday, a young man about my age walked past us. Zoey was wagging at him and wanted to say hi, but we kept our distance because not everyone appreciates friendly dogs. Once the guy was about 10ft past us, he stopped and yelled to us that he could “sense the evil” coming from Zoey, and that “dogs like her” should be banned…huh?!

Our reaction to this was to glance down at Zoey, who was smiling back at the guy and wagging happily, and burst out laughing. This seriously irked the guy, and he walked off fuming…we were laughing about it for the rest of the walk. I mean, does she look evil to you?! 🙂


Zoey was feeling very proud of herself here. Not only did she manage to get pond scum on her nose, but she also completely destroyed a bin bag I had just filled cleaning out a dirty cage. Feathers, seed husks and torn paper went everywhere. It was a very fun excursion into the garden…for Zoey!

It’s so warm here at the moment. I hate how warm our house gets in summer, I’ve never had a house like it. And it doesn’t help that we can’t have windows open because Kasper barks at noises – agh! The weather is supposed to get hotter this week. It’s 28*C tomorrow, and could be 33*C the day after! So gross…especially because we have lots of dog walks to do tomorrow 😦

Poor Kasper has been melting indoors. I’ve been soaking his harness in cold water to help him cool down, and we make frequent breaks into the garden so I can get him in the pool and tip water all over him. We actually managed to fit all four of us in the pool the other day, which was a challenge set by a friend 🙂


It’s funny because if Kasper has an injured paw and we need to pour salt water on it, Kasper prances about and attempts to dodge it at all costs. My partner can be spoon feeding him peanut butter and he still hates it…however he is perfectly fine having water thrown all over his back, belly and even his paws when it’s not for a medical reason. Somehow he just knows!


You might remember from last summer when we first moved here, I was stressing that we’d never be able to spend time in the garden because Kasper barks any time he hears people (yeah, he sucks). Thankfully he’s gotten a lot better.

He does bark when people walk past our gate (unfortunately it happens pretty often as people park their cars in the car park behind our garden and walk past our gate to the rear doors of their houses). He barks even more when Zoey runs to the gate to try say hi! The other thing he barks at is if he hears car doors close nearby. This is understandable as several times he has gone to meet my parents getting out their car, so he gets excited every time he hears it 🙂


We spent about half an hour in the garden yesterday, whilst our neighbour did gardening, and Kasper only barked when someone got out a car

I really want one of these water bottles, they sound really cool and mean you don’t need to carry a bowl / tray around with you. However I have bought / am going to buy a lot of things for the pups at the moment (read: I am gonna be skint!) so I might ask my parents if they fancy buying me it as a treat! Well I did just spend £40 on Father’s Day… 😀

Recently we have bought a £20 dog bed, the water bowl & stand (£10), two 15kg bags of Autarky Summer Salmon (£45), a 2kg bag of James Wellbeloved(about £9), several Nylabones (£30), millions of packets of treats, canned food and chews *phew*

I am buying this harness for Zoey, to try stop people letting their (usually aggressive) off lead large dogs run up to her. The description states a maximum weight of 10kg (Zoey is 11kg) and that it’s not suitable for bull breeds – however I emailed the company and they said their new Nervous Vest Harness is actually made from more durable material (I think it’s the solid material, not the mesh in the images) and is fine for Staffies – yay! I’ve asked them to double check and, as soon as they get back to me, we’ll order one 🙂

I am also buying this lead to try encourage people, especially children, to ask before petting Kasper and Zoey. Zoey is an enthusiastic greeter (read: leaps madly to try kiss your face) and Kasper finds grabby children frustrating and prefers men not to invade his personal space. I want to save up for this (I hear you asking: when do Kasper and Zoey EVER go in a car? Well what about if my parents give us a lift, or we need a pet taxi if someone gets injured?). And I kinda want one of these to add to the ‘TRAINING’ lead.

This might seem OTT as neither Kasper or Zoey are aggressive to strangers or other dogs outdoors (Zoey has never been aggressive) but I am so done with off lead dogs or children charging us. Plus I think she’ll look cute in a bright yellow vest harness – she’s never worn yellow before 😉


Finally we bought a thank you card for the people who live in a house the village over. They leave a big bowl of water outside 24 hours  day, with a sign saying it’s for dogs to drink from – how cute! It’s in a perfect spot as it’s the halfway point of our walk, so they definitely deserve a thank you.



4 thoughts on “There’s sludge on my nose, and I am evil…

    • Yeah. I thought it was particularly weird that he actually turned and said this to us (I mean what was his reason?!) and that he was saying it about a dog that couldn’t have looked friendlier…odd.

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