On my lack of writing, Twoli and the mysterious package!

I mentioned in my last post that we got something very special through the post recently, and trust me it is worth the wait!

Rescued Rover has recently created an etsy shop selling custom pet portraits – guess who ordered one? 😀

I emailed her four photos of Kasper and Zoey, in all different positions. What I got back is a true masterpiece. Not only is it beautiful to look at (and it really is) but she has captured the two perfectly. This isn’t just copied from a photo I sent, their poses are completely unique.

I’m sure if I’d asked others to paint a custom portrait of Zoey, she would just look like ‘any old white Staffy’…with the one from Rescued Rover, Zoey’s personality shines through. It couldn’t be any other dog than Zoey!

jw1(click to enlarge)

As soon as it arrived we immediately cleared some room for it on the mantelpiece, amidst the dog treats and training chart


I spent plenty of time trying to get a photo of the dogs next to the canvas too, but it proved difficult. At night the flash caused them to pull goofy faces (Kasper squinted, Zoey either had narrowed eyes or a fierce look on her face) and in the day the sun caused issues too. This is the best I could get, I’m afraid…although you lot know what my pups look like by now anyway, right? 🙂


So yes, I really really recommend the etsy shop. The product was finished and posted amazingly quickly, and it’s better than we could ever have wished for. Thank you!

Moving on, after the Twoli debacle last week, his new cage arrived! It was a nightmare getting him from one to the other, it took over half an hour, and in the end we had to result in scaring him in by flapping pieces of paper to ‘encourage’ him forwards. Not my finest moment. But hey, he’s in, he loves it, and he seems much happier in general.

The cage is a Mamble Rat Cage; it is incredibly cheap, incredibly large and works well for a Cockatiel cage! The door ‘locls’ are pretty terrible, and a bird or rat could escape easily, so we have used a bulldog clip to prevent Twoli from opening the door, which he did several times. See Twoli in action below:

He has really gained confidence, when we first adopted him I never imagined he would be taking food from my hands 🙂

I have several blog topics that I really want to write about. Unfortunately, when I started taking Abilify back in 2012 (I think) it completely stopped me writing. Between the ages of fifteen to twenty-two I would spend hours and hours every day writing. If I reached a brick wall with one story, I would immediately pump out another. My old laptops are full of half-finished and completed stories.

Well, Abilify put an end to that. Hard as I tried I couldn’t write stories anymore; I struggled to come up with even the simplest of plots, and when I had an embarrassingly bland idea there was no way I could transfer it to paper, or even verbalise it.

I was beyond crushed. It’s probably the reason I started blogging so consistently, to get my ‘writing fix.’ I can still blog about everyday events that me and the dogs get up to, and even about training topics, but I can’t write in the style I want to. Eh, it’s hard to describe.

My partner is more of a gamer than I am, he spends hours a day playing games from his massive collection. I said to him, imagine you still had all your games, and you still desperately wanted to play them, but when you had the controller in your hand you just couldn’t. That’s how it is for me.

I stopped taking Abilify months ago, at the start of the year I think, and I really thought I might be able to write again. But I can’t. The blog I did about Twoli’s escape that I linked to above, that came kind of close. I think you can even tell it’s written a little differently.

Maybe it’ll come back one day. I hope so.


4 thoughts on “On my lack of writing, Twoli and the mysterious package!

  1. The pet portrait is ADORABLE!

    Empathize about the Abilify. They currently have me on Gabapentin. I am hating the side effects. It helps but at what price…

    • Thanks, I can’t believe how good their portrait is – can’t wait for my parents to see it in person 🙂

      Side effects are the worst. I especially hate that it’s a gamble; you never quite know what side effect you will wind up with, but it will always suck! I hope they get a little better for you soon, or you’re switched to a better med.

    • Everyone I’ve shown it to has been really impressed too. I’m really excited for when my parents next come visit and they get to see it in person 😀

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