Swimming in the dark

Day Whatever of paddling pool training, and today Kasper stood in 3 inches of water!!


Most exciting photo. Ever.

W00t w00t! Didn’t get any photos of him actually in it as I’m doing a video of the entire counter conditioning process. Yes, you have that to have look forward to XD

Here’s a video from a few days ago when the water was 4cm deep

And, to show you how ridiculous Kasper is, here he is literally an hour ago…


…swimming in the canal!!

But no, a paddling pool is scary *groan* Ah well, we’re getting there! This is from the walk home, back through town. Kasper was very bored, he’s a country dog, so decided to spice the walk up a little by playing peekaboo 🙂


The dogs have been adjusting to having a new water bowl too. It’s a raised one *huge smile* I have wanted a raised water bowl for years, since before we adopted Zoey. But they’re always either too expensive, come in sets of two (we only want one) or are ugly. Finally I found one I really liked, and I think because I was poorly at the time my partner said yes!

I thought it might make Kasper splash less when he drinks, too. If anything it has made it much worse.

For those of you who don’t know, Kasper is the noisiest and messiest drinker. We know the owners of a Lab, and the dog was a rescue from a puppy mill, where she had been a breeding machine for three years. When they rescued her, she had never drunk water, instead surviving off mushy wet food. Her owners thought she was the messiest drinker. Until they met Kasper.

Ah well, even if it doesn’t help with the mess, Kasper really likes the new bowl.


Zoey was not as keen, and was very unimpressed when I snapped her having a drink!


“Go away stupid hooman!”

I have some awesome blogs planned within the next week. One of them is something really cool that arrived in the post a few days ago. I wanted to blog about it today, but I forgot to take a photo of the dogs posing with it, and it’s kind of needed…so 🙂


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