Oh these days

The day before yesterday, we had a very scary experience. Twoli the Cockatiel escaped.

We were taking the pups out into the garden late at night, and little did we know that Twoli’s cage had broken. The exterior food bowl had fallen off, leaving a very large hole. We opened the door and released the dogs, and there was a panicked fluttering sound all around!

Twoli burst into the garden and, amidst shocked glances, we fumbled the dogs back inside. Thankfully they went in right away, even Kasper didn’t linger over dropped food in the kitchen but went straight into the living room.

Twoli was perched in the gloom of the garden, his crest completely up in terror. Me and my partner exchanged glances, not knowing what to do. My partner mouthed ‘cage?’ and I nodded, and slowly he went back inside and fetched Twoli’s old cage, which is a Jenny Rat Cage.


His first week home 🙂

He set it down in the centre of the garden and lifted the entire roof off for easy access, and we waited. But Twoli wasn’t moving. I motioned towards my partner, and ever so slowly he inched his way closer. Suddenly, in a burst of feathers, Twoli flew. He made a beeline for his old, fully functioning, cage and perched on the lip of the roof.

We waited. We waited. And we waited. Nothing going…

I inched towards Twoli on the lip of his cage, Twoli who still doesn’t fully trust us and is nervy of humans. I reached for the cage’s roof, which hung down on one side of the cage. Slowly, so slowly, I raised it up. Twoli hadn’t moved, so gently I lowered it until I was slightly squashing him underneath it.

I held my t-shirt away from my body and used it to ‘guide’ him into the cage. There was a terrifying moment when he turned 180* and started hopping away from the cage, and I had to push him back in with my t-shirt. Then all of a sudden he was safe; flapping madly for a few seconds then settling, relieved, on an old perch. I closed and locked the roof, and we brought him back inside.


His cage may be a little smaller, but at least he is safe!

Upon closer inspection the larger cage, which we only bought a few months ago second-hand, was faulty. The food bowls, which hung on the exterior of the cage and were held on by a plastic panel, was cracked and missing in places. We never used those food bowls so hadn’t had a clue.

I looked for some more bird cages in our area, but there aren’t any so I’ve ordered one from online. It’s supposed to be a ferret / rat cage, but I think it’ll work perfectly as a cheap and very roomy Twoli cage! 🙂

Stupid bloody bird, I don’t know what we’d do without him!


“Get out my hooouuuse!!”

He’s a lovely ‘tiel. I’m glad he escaped at night, when birds in general are a lot calmer! He’s a hissy little fella, but he’s never so much as nipped. We’re not sure how old he is, because he ended up with us after a rather unpleasant previous home. He’s supposed to be young though, probably under a year.  We think he’s a Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel.


I’ve had some stinking headaches these last few weeks. Yesterday’s was really bad, laid me up in bed and I felt sooo sick for five hours. Then it went, and I was fine. I wonder if it’s med-related…

Huh? This is supposed to be a dog blog?! Oh well… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Oh these days

    • Thank you 🙂 I have a lot of experience catching escaped chickens, but not so much Cockatiels! Very thankful luck was on our side.

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