The start of summer

It feels like summer has really begun here, the weather today was boiling. A whopping 22*C (that’s pretty hot for the UK!)

We had a beach day out with a friend; we spent a few hours crabbing (we caught [and released] at least 50 crabs, and they only drew blood once!), then went and played some crazy golf, and stopped off for some gelato on the way home. Yum!

The pups have also been basking in this warm weather. Despite the fact that it makes him pant, Kasper has been ‘doing a Zoey’ and seeking out the patch of sunlight from the window to relax in. Zoey is more than willing to share the sun with him, she adores snuggling with her brother. He does not feel the same way!


It always makes me laugh how they travel around the room with the sun


My partner even caught the pups holding paws 🙂


Because the weather was nice I also got to wash Zoey’s harness.

Unlike Kasper, who has three harnesses and will happily wear any of them, Zoey is terrified of any harness. At the moment she has the one she wears on walks, which she hates putting on, and a second ‘spare’ that I am training her to be comfortable wearing.

I have been counter conditioning her to wearing the spare harness for 6 months; it’s crucial that I don’t push her too quickly. To begin with I clicked and rewarded her for looking at the harness. From there we progressed to Zoey moving towards it, touching it on cue and touching it when I was holding it. We’ve now gotton to the point where she will put her head all the way through the hole then whip it out again. Slow progress is better than no progress 🙂

So yeah, Zoey only has one harness that she can wear for walks. This made it impossible to clean all winter, other than a quick wipe, as it wouldn’t be dry in time for her next walk! I gave it a scrub using a sponge and some soap and despite the fact that it was filthy, it was very easy to clean.


Kasper don’t drink the dirty, soapy water…


It’s a vibrant pink again!

The sun had already left our garden by the time I was done cleaning it, but it’s been so warm that the harness was dry within a few hours regardless.


Patiently waiting

I did some more paddling pool work today as well. I added half a cm of water, and boy was Kasper reluctant to put his paws in! I don’t understand it at all, this dog loves water?!

After a few seconds encouragement he was putting one, two, then all four paws in the pool. He acclimatised pretty quickly and was happy to sit in the water. Tomorrow I’mma try with 2cm of water in the pool…as ever in dog training, slowly slowly, and always at the dogs’ pace!


Gimme treeeeats!!!


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