The pool of doom!

We spent some time out in the garden today – it was sooo nice just being in the fresh air 🙂

I decided seeing as we were out there I might as well begin work with Kasper and the paddling pool we bought him for his fifth birthday, which he unfortunately hated. Of course he did.

It took a while to empty it out, as it had filled to the brim with rainwater! I kid you not…it has rained a lot this past week or so. And Zoey ‘helped’ by getting in the way of the drain where I was tipping the water, then looking hurt when I splashed her *rolley eyes*

Once the pool was empty, Zoey jumped right in. I can’t stress how odd it is for Zoey to be the first to do something, she is normally a real baby! For example over the years Kasper has taken harnesses, tortoises and my remote control car in his stride. Zoey was initially scared of them all. So it’s weird for Kasper to be the scaredy one 😛


I got him putting his paw onto the bottom of the pool, marking the behaviour and rewarding him heavily with treats and ecstatic praise. Gradually we worked up to both front paws, and then all of a sudden he was in the pool! Only for a second, but I knew we could build it up…and we did!


He very quickly became comfortable with the pool, which was awesome. He was happy standing, walking in there and sitting. We did it over and over…in, out, in, out, in, out! Until it was all a breeze and Kasper didn’t mind at all…


I think I have their attention!

Haha, I love fleecey PJ bottoms 🙂

“Yeah, of course I can sit mummy. Why wouldn’t I be able to?!”


In the next photo Zoey may look calm and relaxed…but looks can be deceiving!!

We haven’t really all chilled out in the garden together before, so whereas Kasper  was happy to relax or do some training, Zoey was very excited! In between photos she would race around trying to find sticks to chew, or grass to eat, or things to tug at, so it was very important to keep her busy and focused haha!


The pups also got to play together in the garden, which they were thrilled with. Normally we stop them and shoo them inside when they’re rowdy, but if they can’t play happily on a sunny June afternoon then when can they??



Finally I asked my partner to get them to pose nicely in front of the pretty bush in our garden. What followed was hilarious; I don’t know whether he’s ever asked them to pose for something before, so he wasn’t quite sure how to ask which dog to do what 😀

I took a few photos of his attempts / failures. This is the one that made me smile the most – what is Zoey doing halfway up the shed bwahahah?!?!


And yeah…it took me all of 20 seconds to get them sitting nicely. Call me the dog whisperer…only please don’t because I hate good ol’ Cesar 😉


More garden pics to come tomorrow, including some amazing photos my partner took (he likes to say he’s rubbish with the camera!). For now, it is sleep time 🙂


6 thoughts on “The pool of doom!

    • Haha thank you so much 🙂

      I really need to pull my finger out and get Kasper used to the pool when there’s water in it. The weather’s hotting up here and I really want him to be able cool down in there over summer!!

      I bought a doggy pool over a kids’ paddling pool. I don’t know if there’s actually any difference (other than it being more expensive!) but I figured both my dogs are a decent size, especially Kasper, so the sturdier it is the better!

      Good luck finding a pool and I hope your pups enjoy it 😀

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