Sometimes I watch Zoey around the house, or I see photos I have taken of her. And I simply cannot believe how beautiful she is. From her adorable stubby nose, to those soulful eyes, her tiny puppy-like paws and extremely waggy tail. She is drool-inducing!

When we adopted Kasper, I honestly thought no dog could be as cute and adorable as he was. Sorry Kasper, but I was wrong! I know I have a soft spot for Staffies anyway, especially white Staffies…but even when I take goofy or ‘ugly’ shots of Zoey, I think she’s a stunner!

She’s also doing really well with her training. I’m working with her on staying on the couch whilst I work with Kasper on the floor. Zoey’s impulse control is terrible, anything to do with IC must be started incredibly small, the criteria raised very slowly and Zoey heavily rewarded.

She’s doing amazing. I can work with Kasper a few feet away from her on the couch, and she stays put. I’ve only done ‘easy’ tricks with Kasper so far, ones that don’t involve him moving much…sit, wave, beg etc. I am impressed though 🙂

Kasper waving his front left leg


And sitting on his back legs


There’s something about Zoey…from looking so serious


To sitting comfortably


To beaming with happiness, she is perfect 🙂


Look at that face!!

I can’t stress how much of a sweetheart she is. I don’t know if it’s because our first dog was Kasper who started resource guarding at 11 months old, had fear aggression and isn’t afraid to let you know when he’s not happy…but I am always amazed that Zoey is 2.5 years old and has never shown any signs of aggression. Not even a lip lift!

She’s super smart; she thrives on positive attention and training, and she loves to learn. She often picks things up faster than Kasper. She’s attentive and fun-loving, and very forgiving. She’s also the perfect size (sorry Kasper!) as she’s small enough to sleep in the bend of your knees, or even on my lap.

I wanted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier for many, many years. They are frequently portrayed as being ‘devil dogs’ in the UK, but I worked with so many in rescue I knew this was BS. My wish came true,  and the Zoey-pup arrived! What a star she is 🙂

Here’s the photo I used above, which was taken two days ago. On the right is a few days after we rescued her, January 2013. She turned out so good!

(click to enlarge)


And, finally, a video of Zoey “eating” an apple…she doesn’t like wet / slimy / juicy foods. But she will play with them 😉

We love you Zoey!!


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